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  • Alejandro AR

    Looks buggy. Good work!

  • T.E. Mencer

    WOW! That looks extremely well done! My only critique would be ... is .. uh .. ok I got nothing. This looks too good.

  • Sebastian Krystosik

    Dude, that's owesome!!!

  • Mathieu

    Fantastic. I like a lot. Very vivid. best wishes Math.

  • amcam
    • buu buu

      About the dew, I was going to say the same thing. Other than that it looks nice. I kind of expected the "Campbell and Brecht I think I found another bug!" posts... Oh no, I just did it.

    • Undefine

       Cycle is missing caustics
      It is not a bug, it is missing feature => todo list. :)

      • Jhoolmans

        Thought it was rendered with Indigo :)

        • Undefine

           Indeed :)

      • amcam

         I wasn't referring to caustics.  Look at the location of the dew in the photo ... it is effected by gavity.

        • amcam

           gravity not gavity

      • Fred

        no its not, cycles has had caustics pretty much from the beginning. You can turn them off but if you want to see them use a small bright light source and have a lot of patience because its will take some time to clean up

  • Markvwowk

    Love it! Might not be photo realistic but still very evocative.

  • Post-as

    Long ago we were used to see no really good artwork. Now it seems people are getting much better at Blender !
    The image is simply great ! I wouldn't say photorealistic because too many water drops ( I guess ). Water drops bellow the branch should me smaller or at least of different shape, and no that many. The bug looks great.

  • HaThatRocksREALISM

    Excellent work, dew drops are fine, realistic.  People, just accept this rocks way better than what you could do.  I've accepted it and just enjoy marveling on it. :-)

  • Simon Lachapelle

    Waooow! This one is a serious image! Congrats Gabish!

  • johnj

    great macro! does it hurt? 


    well done render :)

  • Sathish85295

    nice work.... well done.....

  • Genernicolas35

    awesome! looks like a real bug.,

  • Sampo Pelto

    New bug found... :D So Awensome!

  • 8-bit

    Very nice indeed! Thanks for the share!

  • Arpad Kosa

    man, this is like a REAL living bug.... awsome... I wish I could do something half as good as this one...

  • Wim

    Great work! Would love to see this rendered in cycles

  • Kram1032

    Actually, the waterdrops aren't that far away from realism. There are images out there of insects with a lot more dew on them.

    The only "problem" I see is that the lighting might be too uniform for what you'd expect.
    Although on an overcast day, that could work too...

    It's a really awesome image!

  • Lowdweller

    Amazing image, excellent modelling and rendering!
    Maybe the only thing that gives it away as CG is the background. A good 'foliage-like' background and I think a lot of people would think it was a photograph...

    • BlenderFR34K

      Good point!  Although, as a professional macro photographer, I have taken several pictures where the backgound has turned a solid color because of the high average blur.  Sometimes if you make an image too realistic, people tend to think it's even faker than if there's a little bit of inaccuracy. 

  • Jwrl

    I have macro photographs of bees on flowers which look indistinguishable from this.  Where I live we tend not to get as much dew as that - Australia is the world's driest country, after all - I still find that believable based on photographs that I've seen from elsewhere,

    As for the background - well with a +3 diopter macro lens on a 50 mm lens I would expect just that sort of image.  At that scale you have no depth of field at all.

  • Blaine Heiser or Blaine1431

    Referring to the dew, the refraction, and the shape, are wrong. the shape, would have been affected by gravity, and the bending of the light, within the dewdrops, would not be anywhere near as strong as what it is here. However, The texturing, modeling and the placement of the dewdrops seems fine, and done well enough to mistake for photo realism. Anyone serious about photo realistic modeling and CG work, would know the difference. Everything I've said has already been mentioned by others who have commented, I'm just reiterating. I could not do as well myself, with the rendering of water but hopefully, within the next few days, that will change.
    Very well done sir. I applaud your attention to detail.

  • Email

    Great! I doubt most biologist be able to tell it is not a real bug.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    I love bugs and this one is amazing! :D (no, I don't love "our" bugz ;)  )

  • Erich Toven

    WOW! Amazing Work! I might have to check out this Indigo renderer how does it compare to cycles?

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  • Kariem Mohamed Abd El-Fattah

    WOW i first thought that picture is a real photo for that bug!!! Great work

  • threedee

    Nice job! I love the materials and shading.

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