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Videotutorial: Fireworks with Particles in Blender 2.63

Learn how to make fireworks with this videotutorial from BlenderDiplom.

Gottfried Hofmann writes:

Reactor particles ain't back, no! But we found a cool cheat how to force Blender's particles to emit further particles!

The result is a nice firework, presented to you by Frederik Steinmetz.

The second part of the tutorial deals with some advanced editing in the Blender VSE and is presented by Gottfried Hofmann. Find out how to use it to arrange scenes in Blender, how the camera override works and how to do basic color correction.



  • Brian Lockett

    Nice effect!

  • Maciek Jutrzenka

    Naaaaah i was thinking about doing fierworks or automatic guns and i chose guns! hopfully! someone do awesome work with fierworks!

  • T.E. Mencer

    WOW! This is fantastic looking! I'll have to check this out  very soon!


    I like big RED and Big Blue  -  KMDFM is the BEST .

  • Samuel Loy

     True there could be a lot more explaination as to "why" you do the things you do, but on the flip side this tutorial straight and to the point and you don't feel the need to carry on and be "entertaining," well done!

    • Maciek Jutrzenka

      i prefer tutorial like this you can learn some tricks and tips. And then you just use it for creating somethink intresting i don't like tutorials step by step to create somethinka then everyone copy...

      • Max Puliero


    • Kirill Poltavets

      I heard here only "do this..." and "because..." in a lot of places... So - this is perfect for beginners and advanced too!

  • Petr Utinek

    great tutorial about particles I've learnt a lot thx

  • Alex Kemmler

    The particles should slow down in the air, these do not look realistic, the individual flares' motion is constant after the explosion.  Would the 'drag' factor work for this?

    • Gottfried Hofmann

      The 2nd type is in fact slowing down. Drag is used for this. You can of course apply it to the other types as well.

      • Gottfried Hofmann

        Sorry, meant "Damp".

  • amcam

    Too fast.

  • michael dawkins

    To me the sound is wrong, there should be a delay.

  • onjoFilms

    Looks real to me, awesome job!

  • Zander Nicolic

    Good work as usual, Gottfried. And nice result.

  • Diecky

    Much more impressive than the firework effects I've seen in the past.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Thanks a lot, Frederik and Gottfried! You're awesome "particle teachers"! :D
    I like quick tutorials like these much more than two hours of mumbling, mistaking and "oh I think that was not necessary" things with the same results. Keep it up like this, please! Short tuts gives better teaching results I'm sure.

  • Vidrazor

    They look great, but need some kind of decay. Size and luminosity perhaps. Very though.

  • EyeRate

     Are u F-ing kidding me?? Andrews fireworks were an embarrassment compared to this! Go back and take a look fanboy... And give somebody some due credit when they put your false idol to shame.

  • EyeRate

    I think alot of u r missing the point. If you don't like some little unimportant thing you can change it when you make your own because he just showed you how to do it!!! Come on its a tut, not a contest, jeez... Thanks for letting us know that it is possible to do such great fireworks Gottfried! I really loved the swirly one near the end. Personally I think you ARE the Guru... at least where particles n such are concerned. lol 

    • EyeRate

       OOPS! Sorry Frederik! I didn't know Gottfried worked with anyone else on Blender Diplom. Good job, you've got pretty good english. Very understandable. Thanks guys.

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