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Qwqwi - Kittikitti

Couldn't resist posting this one ;-)

Oliver Jelko writes:

kittikitti is a fun little project modelled and animated within one week, using blender. rendering, grading and editing took another 10 days or something, working at a more relaxed pace. the dance moves were created by "teaching" the characters some basic steps and then adding some funky twists by exploiting artifacts resulting from messing around with ik handles too much. this was, more or less, done in realtime, recording the keyframes while dancing with my weird little friends.

The music is a live recording by qwqwi.


  • Mal Praktis

    That is pretty cool.  Love the movement and humor.  

    (FYI, The video is not embedded properly.  Had to cut and paste the link to watch.)

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Oops, fixed!

  • Englischmann

    Love it!!!!

  • JoolsMcFly

    ha ha fun!

    Could go viral soon.

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Nice little characters. And unlucky also for the crushed creatures...

  •éla-Szabó/100000198577059 Béla Szabó

    Nice job but I found it very disturbing O.O

    • Paul J Mason

       Did you find it kinda screwed up that one of them was laying dead on top of the stage right speaker?

  • blink

    The overall render is well done, but eh move are repetitive which make me feel like:
    yes I have seen it once but I might not look at it twice.
    The tune goes well with the spooky Characters

  • Gottfried Hofmann


  • Paul Murphy

     Oh dear god what have you created?!

  • Brian Lockett

    ... This spoke to me.

  • Kylehagmail

    The power of art is to convey a message without bounds, limitations, nor rules. And sometimes there are side effects such as these. Although some may liken this piece to convey the struggle of the working class, others may find it a parody into the political climate we face. I, for one, liken it to a more classical French style comparable to the works of Bort and Bort'dejoue'. These French works, including this one I presume, advocate the desolation of equilibrium between nature and progress (industrial). As our "speakers" become thumpier we unknowingly descend into the halls of the future with more advanced tools bequethed to us from the previous generation; substituting the beauty of our surroundings with a flat grey overtone. I, for one, sympathize with this viewpoint and must admit I may be biased though I am limited by only having one perspective. Similar to thath quoteth: one cannot test a clock against itself. Surely, as altruistic as this piece may be, there may be limitations to the power of its message. I, like several of us, have found a parallel into enjoying our present time with the newly found tools of industry and "going with the flow". Marvelous.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Cute disgusting crazy little things! :D

  • Arnaud Couturier

    HAHAHA :)
    Weird and funny!

  • Fire Angel

    Very strange; I too noted one lying on top of one of the speakers, but he might not be dead, he could just be stoned from smoking whatever the creator of the video was smoking...

    As I commented on Vimeo "quirky" hardly begins to cover it. Well done, I think...

  • Kiwiandrewo

    Great effort - animation worked for me

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