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Mango: First Production Day in Studio

The Mango team reports on their first production day at Amsterdam Studios.

Sebastian writes:

Today was the first day of production in the greenscreen studio at No filming yet, but building the sets for the first day of shooting on monday. Romke brought in his awesome stuff, 2 truck loads full of assets, props and sets. The team had some really hard work to do today!
The studio is super great, with a giant greenscreen, a white limbo, separate rooms, and first floor for catering. The guys from even put a Blender logo at the door! :)

Result: random video with lots of green pixels. Plus some russian punk from “Green Team”.



  • Brian Lockett

    This is so exciting!  :)

  • Lee Salvemini

    Amazing! Can't wait to see more =)

  • kram1032

    So "Opname" is pronounced just the same as the German "Aufnahme"? xD
    Taking on. Interesting litteral translation. I'd have chosen taking up, heh.
    Nice start of the set!

  • Yury Bulka

    Very nice, but I'd be glad if they won't put Russian music next time. This adds unnecessary cultural connections not everyone might like. Only a small portion of people will understand the words anyway.

    • Ashton

       just pretend its "Scotty doesn't know"

    • Gueriero

      Оn the other hand, i was very surprised when i heard "Green Town". And i like it ;)


    I hit play , I was like yeah nice thing to watch in my day of then I saw it was like 3 minutes , I was like man come on guys , you got it all .... just put anything , Ton talking about something behind the wheel , just random guru talk at ANY art museum ... anything ....:)


    yes thank you this is SO VEERY EXCITING , I wanted to do a crash Spaceship : SO NOW I CAN thanks . WILL you do the same tutorial in CYCLES ???


    sorry different video comment up one :(

  • Tim


  • gorka

    as ton says,  really exciting moment

  • Petr Utinek

    cool vid I'm really happy they decided to share all about production with public .can't wait to see more :)

  • Symphony


  • ByronK

    This is so exciting! I can hardly wait for more. Thanks for including us all in the process!

  • kABHIr

    man i love this stuff its really fun and exciting.

  • Ashton


  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Yesss ! Very exiting ! I wish the best to the whole team !

  • Jokayo

    I feel jealous , I wish if I was there ,

  • penduin

    Very exciting!  I love to watch as Ton et al push the boundaries of Blender's abilities (not to mention do some simply fantastic and creative work) during each of these productions.  To everyone involved, good luck and have fun!  Can't wait to follow these updates and see the final movie!

  • Paul Murphy

    Oh my god that's the song from the first episode of cowboy bebop!(with the harmonica)  

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