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  • tenor

    what is bakhtiari?

    • Hamed Haghighi

      Bakhtiari are a tribe in Iran, this tribe are the major group among other tribes that migrate in order to find some cool places but their main location are the province of Chahar-mahal-va-Bakhtiari, they are wildly acclaimed by people for their bravery.

      • Tweety

        With arms like these I'd be brave too!

        • Tweety

           ...and the feet are too short to run away. All in all it makes sense ;)

  • Tizzboom

    That looks cool, industry-standard even. Has is it been rigged?

  • Nikos

    Very good, indeed ! Congratulations to the artist !

  • T.E. Mencer

    Nice and stylized character! Looks good!

  • Email

    Really good cartoon style!  What about an original folk tale to place this guy in?

  • Farzad

    خیلی خوب و عالیست آقای زمانی، ولی فکر نمی کنید که بند تفنگش باید روی جلیقش می بود؟!! در هر صورت ما که کلی کیف کردیم

  • Farzad

    I wrote : It was better if his gun strap was on his jacket! In any case, we liked him a lot!!! happy blending from IRAN!!! ;)

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Jacob Bronowski was less than flattering about nomadic tribes like these. He considered them “frozen in time”, unable to make the kind of civilizational progress that depended on sophisticated material goods, because of their need to travel light.

  • JoolsMcFly

    Cool character, doesn't look like the laughing kind!

  • pixeldread

    i like your style !

  • Ayoub AP

    ای بنازمت . فرزاد راست اگو بند تفنگس وا سر چوقا بوه ;)

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