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CryBlend 3.1 Released has released an update to their exporter for CryEngine 3. writes:

Every so often somthing so fantastic happens that you just find yourself jumping up and shouting YES! For those of you in the indie game and open source development crowd, like myself, this is one of those times. Our good friend Angelo or Angjminer as you all know him, has been hard at work and I do mean hard at work on the brand spankin new version of CryBlend, version 3.1. Because of the recent 2.63 Blender release, I was almost not able to write this news for you today but Mr. Angjminer worked right though the weekend and at 4:46 PM PST today he was done with the port. I have tell you that this is a phenomenal addition to the open source arsenal of tools, dare I say that with this and one other tool I will be writing about in a future article you can now produce a game 100% free!



  • User


  • Luke

    Is cry engine free?

    • Guest

      only for noncommercial uses, so you could do a freeware game with it. As soon as you want to sell your game you have to pay about 20% or so of what you earn to cryengine.
      Releasing Xbox 360 or Ps3 games with cryengine really is only for bigger studios, as far as I know, you have to contact the cryengine company and buy a licence for the cryengine source code.

  • JaxPandora

    Yes, but you have to be online at all times to develop.
    That's the biggest reason i didn't do too much with it.
    As an alternative, you can always use Unreals engine: U.D.K. if you wish.

    It is nice to see that more major developers are falling in the footsteps of udk.

  • JaxPandora

    Not to seem overtly biased towards udk or anything... XD

    however, the demo that comes with the CryEngine SDK is ridiculously beautiful!
    but of course, that is more of a thumbs up for the demo's developers then the engine itself.

  • Greylica

    No Linux support...

    • Guest

       its a commercial engine, so if they do not need linux support they wont add it. Its sad a few people can't use this now, but you should be happy enough about the fact this great engine is available for free!

      But maybe you can get it working with wine, or Unreal maybe works with linux...

    • Jonathan Roth

      No Mac support either. =/ Ah well. 

  • Guest

    EPIC! (oh no epic games is unreal), so Awesome, brilliant (all that stuff)

    thank you so much for creating this :)

  • Brian Lockett

    Shut up!  Dude, I needed this only yesterday, and now today, here it is!  What is this lately?  Like, over the last few days, the kind of stuff I happen to need or am involved with doing just keeps showing up on BlenderNation!  Keep doing it!

    • Bart Veldhuizen


  • Pkisme

    fingercrossed on opensource/donation-ware current/next-gen games

  • Joe Nonymous

    Windows only, so do not care.

  • Steve Starr

    Ughhh no Linux or Mac support, But I am thrilled for our Windows Blender users :)

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