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Low Poly Rocks

By Sampo Rask.

Sampo writes:

This animation is about THE FEELING, THE FLOW. And most of all this animation is an ode to LOW POLY.

  • BEHIND THE SCENES: Coming Soon.
  • Visuals & Sound Effects: ME
  • Music: Music: Feeling Good by Artexflow feat. Forensic
  • is licensed under a Creative Commons license:


  • Murl1280

    That was awesome. All done in Blender? How did you do the crowd scene?

    • Sampo Rask

      Blender and After Effects. The crowd is ~7 different animated characters distributed with a particle system.
      I wonder if there are any other ways?

  • Nunud


  •éla-Szabó/100000198577059 Béla Szabó

    Well if somebody is a genius he can make awesome stuff with lowpoly too :D Great stuff man!

  • T.E. Mencer

    That ... was stinkin' awesome. Nicely done!

  • Yury Bulka

    Lowpoly is great. By itself it's a little bit of art: simplifying a model requires one to do some selection of what's important and what's not, and then to try to emphasize things according to their importance in the idea of what one want's to create. This is why I liked how older games looked.

    • Xero

      I know just where you are coming from. I used to make character models for older games like Quake 3 and UT99. I took great pride in modeling character with poly counts well under 900. Low poly models also have a certain sort of charm to them. 

    • Sampo Rask

      This is one of the reasons I like low poly too. Great comment.

  • snot_nose

    awesome stuff!
    did u use cycles or internal for the rendering?

  • Aniruddha Hardikar

    m/- Low Poly Rocks indeed!

  • Phil

    That is really cool!!!!! Very well done.

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Great work, and fun idea ! I also love low poly !

  • Brian Lockett

    I like it!

  • Dusty

    Love it!

  • sen


  • Steve

    Based on the title and my own logic thought patterns I was expecting to see something like pebbles or stones :/ but that was way better than low poly stones lol, good job!

    • Ethan Ewing

      Lol, and at the beginning there WERE rocks!

  • Ryanjohnsond

    Awesome work, man.  you're really good at composting all the pieces together. Stunning visuals too. :)

  • Ryanjohnsond

    What did you render this in?  Blender Default or Cycles?

    • Sampo Rask

      Thanks. It's rendered in internal. Cycles doesn't render alphas properly yet so this would have been impossible to render in cycles. Also Blender Internal leaves much more room for "cheating" so things are easier. 

      But I have an animation project under production for next summer that uses cycles ;)

  • Alvin Nashif Magarang

    wow that's great man and refreshing! you rock m/ 

  • Xero

    WOW! I is one of the most entertaining animations I've see made with Blender evar! Great Job Sampo!

    • Sampo Rask

      I love to hear that!

      -Sampo Rask

  • Terencedesu

    Wow. Way beyond what I expected (although I wasn't just exPecting some low poly stones). You make low poly look very good.

  • Blengineer

    wow so much more than I was expecting. I definitely thought it was just going to be some low poly stones when I clicked on the link. 

  • David

    Love the bit with the robot throwing the stone. Awesome short!

  • Peter

    Nice :D

    I like how the mars rover was on the moon ;)

  • Chris

    So rad!

  • Khemard'

    LOW POLY 4 EVA, HAHA loved it. I especially love the fact that it's rendered with blender internal. Seems like everyone wanted to kick it to the side since cycles came along.

  • Luis Robles

    Beautiful + Wonderful + Fun = Your film :)

  • Exile

    I quite enjoyed this, however I think it would be a nice touch to do the intro loading progression in tune to the guitar instead of a linear progression

  • Sean

    This was amazing! Thank you for making this.

    • Sampo Rask

      Thanks Sean!

  • Guest

    that totally...well, rocks!  proof that super high detail and photorealism isn't all there is to life!  Awesome work!

  • Sampo Rask

    Huge thanks to everyone! I posted a Behind the Scenes video today:  

  • Guest


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