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Exporting from Blender to PlayStation Suite: Blender to Vita

Learn how to get your Blender models into the PlayStation Suite SDK with this quick tutorial.

Mike writes:

This post covers creating and exporting fully textured meshes from Blender to a PlayStation Suite SDK ( the recently released development kit for PlayStation Vita and select Sony Android devices ) created application. It's in two parts, the first covering the Blender bits, the second covering the PlayStation Studio toolchain and source code. If you are a Blender veteran, part 1 can probably be completely skipped.

Hopefully you find it interesting.



  • Nemesis

    This is very interesting.
    Thank you for this.

  • Cleave360

    nice! can i make a game with this?..for learning purposes

    • gamefromscratch

      Yes you can.  Currently Sony has restrictions on distribution (AKA, you can't, except as source), but otherwise you can do just about anything else.

      • Cleave360


  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Seems like the Vita isn’t selling as well as hoped.

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