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Battlecraft 3 (a Minecraft Short)

By avemagnadude.

avemagnadude writes:

A mashup of the current games I love to play. Battlefield 3 and Minecraft. Made with blender.

Here's the WIP link.





  • Hamp210

    I love it.....I play minecraft and use blender. Fantastic use of both applications. Bravo !!

  • mr.OBVIOUS

    First of all forgive me for knowing nothing about minecraft other than is a world of blocks or pixelation land.  The video was cool and thumbs up to the creator but everytime I look at miecraft screens I see crappy graphics like the antialias button is forever broken or set in reverse.  I guess I should have a second look at MC to see if there is anything I missed.  Cheers.

    • greenboy

      You have the graphics right.  Blocky graphics that looks like something from the 80's.  I passed over the game initially because I saw the "bad" graphics.  However it's a fun game and the world is immense.

    • Hamp210

      I use texture mods. It helps with the feel of the game. But the blockeness (sp) is a big part of the game. The texture pack I use is a  realism mod and it changes many things to a more realistic feel. But you still have to mine blocks. lol 

  • filip

    prediction: this video -> meme -> actual game in less than a year ;)

    love it!

  • james lagerman

    I want a shakespeare play in Minecraft

  • Jonathan Lefebvre

    hahaha hollywood is dead !! mine craft powa !!

  • Roberto Abella


  • Mintod1313

    What people are saying about the graphics is understandable, but keep in mind they were made to look that way.
    You should make it into a game if it isn't already, I would definatly buy it or something. You could do it like an open source project or something. Then everyone would have access to it.

  • Tim Suess

    If anyone is interested, there is actually something like this already!

    Oh and AMAZING video. Kinda makes me wish that Minecraft and ace of spades looked like that,

    • numanair

      I think there are some shaders for minecraft that make it look similar.

  • Guest

    Holy shit!! This is ingenious !! :D
    Love the humor i literally rolled on the floor laughing!

    "Battlecraft 3 is unnervingly beautiful"

    One question though: How was the sun flares done?

  • Mintod1313

    this would be so much better than ace-spades though

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