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Little Snowflake


Two IMMENSELY popular Blender videos for kids.

Nathan writes:

Recently we finished our animated short "Little Snowflake" for Japan based children's company. Blender was used with post work done in After Effects. Special thanks to my friends and fellow Blenderheads Matt Ebb, Wayne Dixon and Lee Salvemini for helping out.

Little Snowflake is a spinoff to our YouTube hit "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" also created in Blender, currently with over 100 115 million views.


  • Indy

    115 mln views? Isn't Blender Video record on YT?

  • tinonetic


  • Gzzoni

    so cute! 

  • Alaa El-din

    cycles or BI?

    • Nathan

       Hi Alaa, we used Blender Internal for both.

  • blenderLeo

    Cute ;)
    0:32, second video: the clouds are awesome! Is this Blender? Particles?

    • Gzzoni

      Maybe the addon CloudGenerator

    • Nathan

       BlenderLeo, thanks - Blender with volumetrics.

  • Brian Lockett

    115 million?  Wow. 

  • Dusty

    So cute it makes me want to kick a puppy to balance things out! :)
    If you're like me you probably were waiting for the snowman to fall through the ice! LOL

    Seriously though, great work for kids, shall show these to my two year old when he wakes up tomorrow.

    Congrats on the 115mil hits!!

  • Blendiac

    zomg. My daughter WORSHIPS that video (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). I always considered it was the best done kids video I'd seen on YouTube (and with her we've seen a lot). I'm sure that our household probably makes up at least 5 million of those 115 million views...

  • Paul

    Absolutely Brilliant!!

  • Manofrandom

    My 2 year old son has been watching the star clip for a while now and I only just recently found the snow flake one.  There was something about these clips that caught my attention and I enjoyed watching them too.  Now I just found out they were made in Blender!  Made my day.

  • W

    Hey dude, I even have the iphone app for the little star book, My boys love your stuff! I had no idea it was done using blender. Though there are some parts which annoy me in the little star movie. The snowflake one is amazing and very well done! Made my day knowing it was done using blender. Actually I am based in Japan and my family has a lot of the super simple CD's as well. Off topic... Did you make the app for Iphone as well? If so what did you use to make it? It is also very well made.

  • Harald Thingelstad

    Super Sweet Learning! Thank you!

  • Anurag Rana

    I am 29, my wife is 25. We don't have kids, but the two of us are already in love with the video ! great job with the snowflakes :D

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