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Developer Meeting Notes, April 29, 2012

Blender 2.63a bugfix release, the new 'tiles' compositor is almost done, and the Google Summer of Code branch names are in!

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

1) Blender 2.63 release

  • Everyone congratulations with release and BMesh completion!
  • As usual a lot of new bug reports streamed in. Campbell Barton mentions that several crucial fixes have been done already, it might require to do a 2.63a release.
  • Proposal: decide next sunday meeting, and if we do make an 'a' we backport the bug fixes to 2.63-release branch.
  • Campbell will add the bug fix list in wiki, on the release page (later).

2) Other projects

  • Jeroen Bakker: New compositor project ("tiles") is almost finished. It's a target for 2.64.
  • Jeroen does a call for testers, preferably by artists who like to be closely (day to day) involved with checking fixes, feedback functionality and especially to help doing docs and videos! (Christian Krupa already volunteered, more welcome!)
  • Note, there's a special tracker for the compositor project! Jeroen expected 100s, not 2!
  • Ed Halley: New "Outline modifier" in progress

  • Campbell added wire frame tool (in Face menu) to make solid wires:

  • Joerg Mueller will relicense his Audaspace as LGPL (2 or later). He will carefully check if everyone who added code there agrees.
  • Nicholas Bishop uploaded Sculpt masking for review.
  • Thomas Dinges is testing the new CUDA Toolkit 4.2 now, with support for the new Keppler cards (GTX 6xx).
  • Campbell proposes to include the Python math module Numpy (1 MB), ensuring it won't affect startup times.

3) Google summer of Code

  • Students welcome! Make sure you are signed up for the mailing lists (bf-committers, bf-blender-cvs).
  • Based on last year's success, we'll put students together in branches; to ensure they keep committing working and tested code!
  • Branch naming proposal: (But, Empanada gets merged with Bratwurst! Sorry Argentina )


  • Daryl Van Humbeck

    Is there a wiki page for the new "tiles" compositor?

  • Brian Lockett

    That Outline modifier looks very nice, Ed!  And I'm looking forward to the developments made with the Google Summer of Code!  Keep it up, you guys!

  • Muhammad Faisal

    Still waiting for the Cycle openCL support.

  • DimitrisC

    Great job people!
    The Android port means the we'll be able to install and operate Blender on Android, or will it be an android .apk exporter for Blender?

    • David

      With that you can run your Blender games on Android, which would be fantastic.
      It is not meant to port Blender itself to Android.

  • Triskelion

    mouth watering naming scheme :)

  • Hassaun Harris

    I really wan't cycles to render smoke and whatnot, unless there's a method working currently that I'm unaware of. 

    • Sips

       I'm not an expert but I think that's what the "translucent" material is for? I'm probably wrong but meh

  • Fabien Weibel

    SWISS cheese branch ! yeah ! [+]

  • stevenshearing

    Sorry but blender is doing "Google summer code" again when it is not even finished last years code, why not just work on on finishing last years code. Sure the features shown in the post will be useful like the .fbx import(which i need) but many features like the sculpting mask from Onion Branch last year is still not in blender.

    • Kirill Poltavets

      I'm not sure but some of them are still in process. It not depends on wishes mainly. Devs can't throw current planned projects to complete old GSoC. Also it happens that after some features released this time (current main Blender WIP) the other (old) features will be a lot easier to implement. So it's not that simple to understand all this...

    • xrg

      Sculpt Mask should be in 2.64 - up there in the release notes you can even see Nicholas Bishop has it up for code review. He has a few other little things he's working on too. Most of last years projects are already in trunk.

      • xrg

         Er development notes, not release notes :P

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Outline modifier looks very very cool! :D Thank you, Ed!

  • Olaf K

    Great Projects for GSoC
    yeahhh Bratwurst Branch-FBX Import....go-go-go

  • roofoo

    Love me some fried chicken! :P

  • bhoi

    Does anyone know more about this Audaspace thing? Is it somehow related to this: ?

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    I agree with previous posters : this outline modifier looks great ! A big Thank You !

  • Anthony Pilon

    I personally can't wait for the fried chicken branch. :D The smoke sim definitely needs improvement, and cycles sss will be a huge help.

  • eon

    The summer of code is cool and fine and all that, but the number of TO-DO list is high and gets higher every day, like a powerful dep-graph refactor and many other things , they are not so obvious , but they are important...for power users.  

    • xrg

      My guess would be the depsgraph will be done after Mango and funded by the Blender Foundation. They tried to fit it in before but couldn't squeeze it in. I'm kinda glad it got bumped because it's one of those things that really needs to be done right, and not rushed.

      • Eon

        Totally agree, with a well thought dependency graph is needed, many driver issues, dependency cycles and I guess faster overall experience, rigging is not an easy thing to do ...but overall Blender keeps me in awe since 2002... 

      • MartianR

        Totally agree - I am really looking forward to a proper dependancy graph. The one in Maya is so useful for seeing relationships and troubleshooting. Although not interactive in the manner of a full depgraph, I do miss the old oops schematic option as a visual aid. Some component spreadsheet panels would be really helpful someday.

  • Michael120

    Woot! Very excited about whats coming....I was wondering where the bullet integration went for a while. :P

    Fried Chicken Branch FTW!

  • Gagarou

    yay! precision modelling!

  • Tukus

    With all this fast food offered we will all get by Christmas ;)

  • Postoking02

    Great, solid wireframe renders, Been doing this the hard way for years, cant wait for full implementation xD 
    Have they stopped work on cycles though? 
    I cant find anywhere how the progress on OpenCL is coming along

  • chromemonkey

    Bart, side question... is there a link for a main source of meeting notes on another site such as, or are they all created specifically for and sent directly to the blendernation/developer inbox?

    • Nicholas Bishop

      The meeting notes are posted first to, which anyone can join (or browse the archives of.)

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      You should be able to find them on the developers maillist archives. Don't have the link here, sorry (I'm traveling)

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