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  • Peter Drakuli?

    this is great news

  • Tweety

    Looks like the Age of Mango has begun ;)

    • Paulo Bardes

      And to this I say: Yay!

      • bon3sko

        yay :) keyboard test

  • DimitrisC

    Epic! Thank you devs and BF people!
    Go Mango!

  • Roeland

    Aw yeah!

    • Roeland

      Awfully slow download speed as well... no surprise there, hehe

  • sendercorp

    6th . 
    thank you :)

  • Petr Utinek

    big thx to developers all new tools are amazing  

  • Hrvoje

    Thank you all, Blender is such a great and cool "project".
    Most of all a BIG BIG thank you to all developers and other people working around Blender. This is a major release!!!
    Also a huge thanks goes to TOM!!

    PS. If and when you can, donate some money or buy something from the shop, so we can give something back.
    Sorry for my english 

    • AlyasPogi

      It's Ton not Tom. :D

      • Hrvoje

        Pardon, my mistake. Go Ton :)

      • Chaos

         he said, sorry.

        • Hrvoje

          Thank you

  • Neilford

    Where is the 64 bit mac osx version? The links are empty.

    • AlyasPogi
      • Caleb Jones

        Thanks! They should have it fixed in a few in that case.

      • Neilford


    • Caleb Jones

      Agreed! It looks like they're not intended to be up, since there is no top link, but why taunt us then?

  • Jumbojosh13

    Awesome splash screen!

  • Max

    Gracias!!! Thank  you!!!!! :D

  • Manollo

    Thanks devs !

  • cantree

    one very happy moment again!
    thanks a lot!

  • michael dawkins

    Congratulations to everyone!

  • Stanislav

    Thanks developers :0)

  • Doe Joe

    Powwwerful you have become. Henceforth you shall be called DarthBlender.

    • Javo Sepulveda

      Best comment.

  • Caravana7

    Ohhhhh yessssss, ohhhhh yesssssssss!!!!!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Thank you, Devs!!! Let's celebrate! :))))

  • Enrique

    Thank you Developers, All of you are making history here. Incredible work.

  • Philip Witte

    Awesome! Gonna get me some BMesh!

  • Bruno Damasceno

    Thanks to the all developers and supporters of this great software!

  • Heroe512

    thank you

  • rif

    Awsome cant wait to check it out my mac 

  • Satiatomat

    Thank you BF teams and community!

  • chromemonkey

    This isn't necessarily a showstopper.  However... In the 3D modeling window, with GLSL enabled, Z-transparency is a little strange.  Make a bunch of objects, create a transparent plane, and depending on what object is the active object, some of the objects become blocked (matted out) instead of visible behind the transparent plane.  In fact the only way for all objects to be visible is for the transparent pane to be the active object.  This does not effect renders, but I believe it is a side-effect of the new mesh system.  Again, not a showstopper, but if so, would the devs consider this worth putting into a bug report or is it not that big a deal?

  • Sol

    Finally Bmesh is here! :D Awesome!!!!   Thank you..

  • jericho79

    yes i'm that giddy on this :D

  • chromemonkey

    I retract my previous theory; the first release in which my "viewport irregularity" shows up is r2.61, so I shall check the release logs before deciding if it really qualifies as a bug or just a quirk.

  • Sebaskt

    Me gusta!

  • james lagerman

    bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb mesh ::::::::::::::::::::::::::>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Philip Witte

    Big Thanks to both the Blender Devs, for making this amazing software for the community, and to the Arch Linux peeps, for bringing it to me just hours after it was release! You're all amazing!

  • Kingtem

    Hey, Could you use Knife tool correctly? I push "K", Blender can cuts mesh, but when I finish cut by right click, the shape was gone! My operation system is Windows7 64bit pro. Anyone got the same problem?

    • Kingtem

      Sorry this is my mistake. I checked the release note and know the reason. It just need to "Press Spacebar or Enter to accept".

  • Anon

    On my birthday. :3 

    • AlyasPogi

      Happy Birthday!

  • Anthony

    This is a great way to start the weekend.. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this new release. Now I have a real reason not to leave the house this weekend. lol..

  • Claas Eicke Kuhnen

    You can use the return key to finish a modeling task. Right click is like ESC to chancel the task.

  • Alpha Channel nr.5

    testet it on intel hd 3000 graphics sitting in my toshiba,win7,16/32 bit display mode with different settings.the same inconsistent behaviour as all versions back to b2.44.x.does anybody know whether blender is complying with any iso standards?

  • Goeland57

    Great, GO GO GO Blender
    Blender is GOOD, Blender is FREE

  • Aniruddha Hardikar

    Err, the new knife is working a little weird. I am not talking about the enter/spacebar addition. It seems it skips the last edge created in some cases. For example, try cutting a loop around a corner vertex of the default cube. Also, the earlier bug(?) where there would be hole in geometry after cutting now results in an incomplete loop, and partial triangulation. Can anyone replicate and confirm this?

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

      Just created a default cube. went into edit mode, rotated view so one corner was face on, pressed K, then left-clicked in turn on the three visible faces, then a fourth time on my starting point, pressed Enter, and got a nice, complete loop cut right around.

      • Aniruddha Hardikar

        sometimes, if the viewing angle is too sharp for a face, the cut is visible before hitting enter/spacebar yet It doesn't get applied when you hit it. The only workaround i have found is to start a new cut and rotate the view such that the face in question is looking more towards the viewport.

  • Aniruddha Hardikar

    Update, it seems viewing angle has something to do with cutting loops around poles. And I can't seem to be able to change any of the Knife tool options in the 'T' panel.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

       Yeah, all the T options are disabled for me too.

  • Kiril Viktorov

    Thanks developers! =)

  • greg batmarx

    Blender on Linux and KDE on a separate activity is the best choice!

  • Jmanning92

    Thanks guys and girls.

  • Olaf

    I got it!

  • eX-Maya Modeler

    I've been using Maya for 10 years and the only reason I haven't switched to blender is because of the lack of ngon support.

    That all changes today and I'm pretty positive that a massive exodus of Maya modelers will be switching to Blender...

    • eX-Maya Modeler

      Forgot to mention that I picked up a Razer Naga mouse (which has a mini numpad where the thumb is) just for this. Is anyone else using one?

      I love how I can quickly switch to any view and load up all of my reference images while also having multiple images in the same viewport or all the viewports...Something like this is totally impossible to do in maya.

      I just may never look back after today!

      • eX-Maya Modeler

        Sorry for the multiple posts.

        There's just one thing I wanted to request for the next release, and that is the option to Rotate Background Images. I have dozens of photos I would like to use in creating a hyper realistic character. I have photos of the arms, legs, feet, hands, head, eyes, and everything elese. I'm not really complaining, but it's a little counter productive to have to rotate my model into position of the images since I'm not about to do it all in photoshop...


        • Blenderesque

          Its already there(rotating) on GRAPHICALL.ORG builds download them . BAT3A is the  one of the builds you will be looking into.

        • Chaos

           remember that you can drag and drop images from your system directly into the 3D viewport. Then adjust proportions and you can model as always.

        • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

           Why not just put the images as textures on plane objects?

        • Sozap

          you can use empty (null objects) and change their drawing mode to image, so you can rotate/scale/move them . I'm not sure but I think the option to rotate background image is comming with mango...

    • AlyasPogi

      Awesome. Looking forward to see your work in Blenderartist forum. ;)

    • 8-bit

      I think the exciting thing about having people cross-over to Blender from other 3D packages is the hope to have more excellent 3d artist using blender and thus pushing the bounds / feature-set of Blender with each release.
      I will have to say, I've viewed a recent video demo of Maya and it does have some cool features that would be amazing in Blender, one thing I really like specifically was the realtime rendering demo.  I'm sure every 3d app has something unique to bring to the table, and Blender has it's role to fit needs from hobbyist to semi-professional to professional.

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Thank you very much for this new release. Although I think that it is too early for an official release.

    I have been struggling for two weeks to report some bugs without succes. For an unknown reason I am almost never able to connect to the Bugtracker page and only get an HTTP 500 internal server error at each attempt to login. I tried with several Browsers, with cookies enabled and low firewall level, on two machines (same location and web provider though).

    So it is a pity that I have not found anyone to report on my behalf a very annoying bug blocking me in a current project. I posted the bug anywhere I could and even sent e-mails to several persons including Campbell Barton, without receiving any response.

    The bug is about material Drivers broken when duplicating or importing the object supporting drivers. Here is the main topic :

    I hope that it will be examined and treated in a future release.

    About Bmesh and Ngons, I asked in an other thread how to disable Ngons. I have been told by someone that if I don't like Ngons, I don't have to use them : I can see that it is not true : If you subdivide a simple edge, N gons are created, but you don't  see it before triangulating...and discovering a very bad topology ! I also reported that subdividing a edge of a cube created a hidden extra face along the edge. I got the answer that it was not a bug but a bad behaviour of the tesselating algorithm... from user side, I don't see any difference ! The problem is still present in the official release, and for what I have seen so far, Modelling with this release is a big waste of time, spent to fix problems introduced by the system.

    By the way, Fgons were useful and non destructive, and they have disappeared...

    I am sorry to say that, but critics can't always be positive. There are many great new features, but imho the modelling part is far from beeing usable in production.

    • chromemonkey

      Have you noticed the checkbox labeled "Quad/Tri mode" that appears in the Mesh Tools panel on the left side of the screen when you subdivide?  That box needs to be checked immediately with each subdivide, and will prevent the creation of ngons.  Having a way to make it selected by default would be good, and I will see if I can find a way to set it as such.

      • Philippe ROUBAL

        Thank you very much chromemonkey for this information. It would be great if this box could be checked by default or if the choice of its state at startup could be given in the Editing panel of User Preferences !

        • chromemonkey

          I did a little searching.  This link shows that not being able to remember your choices for default states is an interface issue that the coders have discussed and were looking for a way to implement.  Read more at for details.

        • chromemonkey

          I also tried doing this:  Rightclicking on the options in the tool panel brings up a popup with options for "View Documentation" and "Edit Source", but the documentation comes up as a not-found webpage, and Edit Source returns that it's not a script so the source can't be edited.  Oh well.  Work in progress.

  • chromemonkey

    General and Theoretical Question:  Is there an easy way to change the default settings for a given mesh tool?  Such as, say I prefer that all of my default UV spheres have a strange number of segments and rings, such as 55s by 9r and a default size of 0.4, with Align to View prechecked?  I know this is a rather odd example, but if I knew there was a way to do this, I could apply the method to any tool.  The Subdivide tool in Roubal's case for instance, having different checkboxes enabled instead of disabled by default would make it mimic his old workflow with no changes necessary (ie remembering to check the same box each and every time the subdivide tool was clicked really adds up over time.)

    • Arpad Kosa

      Add the UV sphere
      Down the left corner there are the parameters of the UV sphere which can be modified.

      • chromemonkey

        I chose a very poor example, please pretend I didn't use something as simple as the parameters for creating an object.  It was dumb of me to use that as an example.

        Anyway, I did some research and see the developers have at least raised the issue in discussion, along the lines of this link...

        The issue is one of exposing the tool settings for operator options such that they can be saved permanently as user preferences, or at least remembered within the context of a session.  As is, there is no way to make Blender "remember" that you used specific settings for parameters A, B, C, D, or E of an tool or operation the last time you performed it, which would be a big timesaver for tools with lots of unique parameters.  The link above describes this as as interface issue, and it looks like the developers are well aware of it so I shall leave it as a work in progress.

  • Bernieman Tux

    I am speechless ... Thx developers

  • Benjamin Lindquist

    Very nice work and I see bridge tool has been implemented anyway. A friend of mine said they were gonna leave it out from the official release due to some bugs. Glad it got fixed!

    On another note I noticed that the wiki documentation for the "Sculpt Hiding" section has the wrong shortcuts. It should be "H" for hiding "Shift+H" for unhiding not "Ctrl+H" and "Alt+H" for unhiding everything not "Shift+H".

    Anyway...Thanks for the great work to all developers and every other contributor!

  • Lucado

    I didn´t find the bevel 
    Recursion Level .
    Anyone got the same problem?

    • Ennio Tringali

      Recursion bevel has not been added. It doesn't work good enough so we have to wait next release I guess.

      • Lucado

        Thankyou for your answer.

  • 8-bit

    Thanks to all the Dev's and others who's made this release possible! Perfect timing as I'm about to pick up a project and hope to use some of the newer features. Cheers!

  • Alexandru Dobra-Some?an


  • Jdent02

    Cycles CPU mode seems to have received a nice speed bump.  Nice work!

  • Edenfuk

    Love the splash screen. 

  • cüneyt design

    best ever update
    bmesh, bevel, knife

  • Brandon Ayers

    Hear here! Thanks for including FreeBSD!

  • Tuuba

    Excellent job!!! Thanks for the BMesh!

  • Robyn Hahn

    A heart-felt thank you to Blender Foundation, Ton and all the hard-working developers for making Blender what it is today. With this new version and included features Blender has now entered the mainstream of all modeling software out there. In a lot of ways, it surpasses high-cost pay-for applications in terms of what it offers.
    I couldn't donate much, but donate I did - if we all pitched in and helped, even a little, we could ensure that this great programme we love so much will continue to improve and grow. I love Linux, because I feel in some way it's our software. I feel the same way about Blender.
    Thanks again, everyone at Blender Foundation and all you brilliant developers!

  • Anonymous

    W -> Bevel

    Immediately this has become the best Blender release ever.

  • Brian Lockett

    Man, I love that Quad/Tri mode checkbox in the toolbox after Subdividing from the Specials menu and the Mesh Display options in the Properties panel.  Even though Bmesh is the star of this release (and for good reason), I appreciate the smaller additions as well.  I think little additions like those are just as awesome as the big additions!  Thank you kindly, Blender Foundation!

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    I wonder why Fgons have been removed...

    • chromemonkey

      It doesn't change my workflow at all.  I do all my subdivides choosing "Quad/Tri" mode, and if I want to group them together to do what an FGon did, I dissolve the faces into an NGon.  Seriously, click on the link I mentioned before, Jonathon Williamson explains everything you need to know if you will just view the video and follow along.  You will be way ahead of the game once you do, and you won't have to ask "why have Fgons been removed" every week.

      • chromemonkey

        And I emphasize, it does require learning, but watch the link and you will see that it saves more modeling steps than it creates because it is a *less destructive* way of letting you set up your topology.  Keep a copy of 2.62 around by all means, but invest some time with and follow along and practice and you will make quick progress.  Do it!

        • Philippe ROUBAL

          Well, I had typed a long answer to this post some hours ago, and it seems weirdly to had been deleted.

          I said that I had already watched the video tutorial on I learned some shortcuts, but beside that it doesn't change my opinion.

          I heard several times in the tutorial that Bmesh speeds up the modelling process, and you say just above that it is "less destructive". In my short experience, it is exactly the opposite, because it is always necessary to repair the topology. Fgons were non destructive, not Ngons.

          Maybe for modern architecture with large flat surfaces textured from view, Ngons can be an advantage, but as soon as you do organic modelling or use the Subdivision modifier, you get into troubles and have to fix the topology. It becomes more obvious when you have to UV unwrap a model with messy triangles.

          In architecture, the video shows that Ngons make easy the selection of large areas for extrusion, as if it was not necessary to select faces one by one. But what is not said is that to get that result, you have to select all the concerned faces and apply Dissolve to create the Ngon. So it is not faster, it involves in fact more operations.

          I have not been convinced by the example of modelling on the daemon mesh. Where ngons are used, I would have left holes while making loops in other areas, and filled them after by adding faces where needed , instead of creating Ngons and cutting them by typing J. One thing that is not shown is the final operations to fix what really happened in the Ngons and that is not visible before triangulatingh. All in Ngons is in the look in the 3D window, but when coming to smoothing and rendering, all flaws will popup !

          Blender had one of the fastest and most robust modelling system compared to other softwares. Changing it to include Ngons because other softwares had this tool is imho the worst thing that ever happened to Blender.

          Maybe with more practice I could change my mind, but so far I see mainly drawbacks in the new modelling system (plus some known bad behaviours like creation of hidden faces when subdividing an edge) , except the knife tool.

          I am sorry, but opinions can't be always positive.

          • chromemonkey

            I certainly don't expect opinions to always be positive.  I also know that differences of opinion on something like this never really get settled.  That's why I like what Williamson had to say in the link; he called it straight down the middle by saying it's not a black-or-white thing, and I agree. 

            I definitely still use quad-tri mode for most steps in my modelling.  In SOME steps, it causes too many triangles and makes it difficult to see what I want to do, and when that slows me down, the new mesh tools can get me over the rough spots.  In those such cases, ngons are actually easier to turn into quadloops than triangles are.  Where I think some people get tripped up is in thinking of this as an either-or thing.  That said, I would not object to putting an Fgon operation back in.  It might not even be too difficult to code.  I don't personally need it, but choice is always a good thing if it saves another artist a step somewhere.  Vive la choice.

          • Playeraa

            The new interface is awful. Blender used to be simple and efficient, that's why I love it so much. Now I have to push tabs, scroll through lots o little windows etc to accomplish the same thing as before. At least before when I needed to do that I could pan or zoom in and out. Now the pan doesn't work and zooming on menus destroys the windows. The new interface alone wastes a lot of working time.

  • erick parra

    Thank you!! Blender team Awesome !

  • Karl Kuehberger

    BMesh will make my life easier. I am really happy with it. Thanks so much!!

  • Thebigheadone

    Awesome update BF, thank you o/
    Does anyone know where can I give suggestions to the knife tool? I'd love to have a way to constrain the movement of the knife tool in one of the axis.

  • james lagerman

    weeeeeeeeeeeee 100

  • L3clara

    This is BMesh update, there will be likely a 2.63 is less than a week!


    • L3clara

      I mean a 2.63a version!

  • MrDane

    all I have to say about this is... I  LOVE this version!!, BMesh for the win, it is amazing :-)

  • dan

    wow...   lot of comment,  its mean blender must be rock!

  • JoshuaDolan

    I am always happy for a new release and thank the Devs and the testers for their hard work. But why was the Weight Paint tool moved from the tool panel to a menu? Instead of selecting Add, Mix, etc along with the brush size it is under Brush > Vertex/Weight Paint Tool > Add. This seems like an odd change, took me a few minutes to discover, and is slower than selecting the option from the tool panel. Anybody know of a way to change it back?

  • JoshuaDolan

    Hmmm... Seems on a new file the paint mode selection is in the tool panel from in the Brush browser which I think is a sensible change. However on the old files I have tried so far, I have Brush, Brush.001, Brush.002 all the way up to 17 and selecting them doesn't change the mode and I am forced to go to the menu. (One of my files didn't even have the menu for selection the brush shown...) Looks like I need to do some more poking around to see what is going on.

  • Triskelion

    Thanks for the hard work devs!

  • Sunshine

    hey, plz help in this question....
    I have the model in Maya and I import it from blender. But , the problem is that, when I RENDER the model , I can see only a cube.Nothing more than that.and the main thing is that, the 3d model is not within the framework or axis of the blender.. what 2 do????

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