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Model: Diesel Locomotive

By Kuhn0362.

Kuhn0362 writes:

A fairly detailed diesel locomotive. I am selling a textured version of this model, but the mesh itself is free. This is a large file, approximately 150K faces (not suitable for gaming unless you have a supercomputer in your basement). It will generate some nice 2D frames and animations, though. Enjoy!



  • chaitanya k

    its beautiful

  • double u
    • karim_soul9

       Have you even compared them ???

    • PixelEuphoria

      Doing a side by side, they're definitely different.

    • Dranath999

       It's a whole different model, you know? like ( Ferrari != Maserati )

    • Garry

      This one is diesel.  The other one looks steam driven.  Good modelling.

    • grima

      You are linking to a steam locomotive.  The OP here is displaying a diesel locomotive, so, yes, there are substantial differences.

    • Silvio Gollega

      You got to be joking...

  • Animator32

    By coincidence I have in mind to make an Animation of two Locomotives crashing front to front for advertisement. Now if I bought your textures can the model be used for commercial purposes ( WEBSITE Advertisement ). Also are wheels separated? So they can spin? meaning this is not a rough sculpture right? What would be the price for the textures?

  • Garry

    Nice Model.

  • Plutonebeats

    SOO Line 6060 very good model !!

  • Zander Nicolic

    Your train models are glamourous. Thank you.

  • AJ

    I'm a trainiac myself, always have been. This is an impressive SD90

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