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Add-on: BProjection

BProjection: Texture your models with a clone brush. This add-on is still in development.

kgeogeo writes:

Hello, I am working at an addon that help you to texture your model with the clone Brush.

When you have time to try this, I would be glad to have some feedback, It would be very helpful for finding bug or improving the workflow.



  • Konstantins

    Didn't believe until it actually started cloning :)
    Looks very promising.

  • Dusty

    Very good stuff. Lots of potential there! Well done!

  • Akira Yazukai1

     blender needs a damn texture system like cinema 4D!
    i mean the nodes thing is just horrible :(

    • Kirill Poltavets

      Accidently pressed "Like" :D
      No, Akira, you're not right about Nodes in Blender. They're very powerful. No enough different nodes yet for textures (in Cycles) but it's already capable to give you some seriously looking materials and complex combinations covering many many cases. Working with them is pretty handy. No preview? It's easy to create in a small 3d View. When you'll get used to it you'll love it for sure ;)

    • Colin Griffith

       Do you mean like Bodypaint 3D? I think Blender is getting more and more like that every time someone improves the UV mapping and painting system.

      But you're talking about nodes. I'm pretty sure Cinema 4D has nodes too, but they're an "Advanced" feature - similar to how Maya has them, but by default it's only in the background.

      To Kirill, Cycles' texture nodes are actually quite powerful if you combine them properly. Attached is an image I made in Cycles. The textures are entirely procedural, using nodes.

  • ubartists

    Excellent tutorial, very concise and clear.  That tip/trick about sculpting, and later mirroring, the picture were tricks I was very happy to learn.  The currently available (2.62) 'projection paint cloning toolset' allows for painting the mirror side of objects simultaneously and saves a few steps.  It would be a nice feature to add to BProjection, if possible.  Audio commentary would be a nice addition to the tutorial, but as it stands your video is already among the best.  Thanks. 

  • Adrien1769

    why couldnt 2.49 B have theses features i mean were the developers that blind and stupid
    not to put stuff like this on it i wish they made the 2.63 already its starting to get boring

    • chromemonkey

      Painfully Obvious Troll is being painfully obvious about trolling.

    • michael dawkins

      Yeah and why doesn't blender texture automatically any model since 2000? Are the devs stupid?
      Or are you? Who noes
      Ahh, trolls .....

    • Colin Griffith

      Why doesn't Blender have all the features it can possibly have already? Why didn't we already have Cycles? Why didn't we already have motion tracking?


      While I think it is obvious you are trolling, on the slight chance you are serious about this I would like to point out that features need to be programmed before they can even exist. Software isn't created by some magical words like, "Computer, make this feature!" and it does it for you. It takes practice, patience, and hard work to get a decent program like Blender up and running. And every single feature they add is a new challenge that they probably have not tackled before.

  • Skupper

    I'm a new Blender user and just beginning the TEXTURE world and having trouble with unwrapping. This could be the answer to many situations. I would love to try this!

    • TheElwolf

      IMHO. It would be a big mistake from you to skip learning unwrapping just because there's a easier method around like the clone brush feature. I mean you'll still need to unwrap your models if you want to create specific images from the said model (i. e. Normal maps, Ambiant occlusion maps etc.) They do render automatically  once you'd checkboxes the settings and all. But IT AS to be UV unwrap first to enable the renderer to create those images.

      If I may give you a tip. The main thing to learn when unwrapping is where to apply you seams (seams are like markers where your model will be split so the mesh can be displayed  on a flat 2D surface) has at least one video tut. that could help you and might I add that Blender has been updated in their UVunwrap (image editor) not so long ago. 

      Bottom line, don't give up on a feature just because there's a faster method. In this case Clone brush method won't save you very time.


      • MattVG

        Speaking of alternate texture methods, what ever happened to Ptex in Blender? BProjection would fit nicely with it.

      • Skupper

        Thanks for the tip Elwolf.

        You're right I know. When thinking further, I realized it's a great tool, but only in some circumstances.

        • Colin Griffith

           I would like to add, that in order for you to even use this tool, the model has to already be UV unwrapped. It just happens to be that they put the default generated checkerboard texture on the model before using this new feature - it doesn't mean they didn't have to UV unwrap it.

  • Daniel Kreuter

    Thanks a lot for this.

    I was waiting for such a tool for a long time. There are really a lot of amazing things that can be done with this feature. I'll give you feedback as soon as I've tried it out.

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Very interesting method. I think that the model still have to be unwrapped before ?

  • TiPi

     This add-on will be very usefull, but one can already do clone painting textures with UV projection :
    In the add-on it's the texture that's modified to match the mesh.
    With projection painting, it's the mesh that's modified in the UV projection.

  • theLuthier

    @kgeogeo -- you're a rockstar =)

  • Benjamin Lindquist

    Looks a bit like mudbox textureprojection. Will definitely try this out.

  • Talha Lodhi

    how did you sculpt on the image at 2:51?

  • kilik

    What's the difference be tween this and the current projection painting??, judging from the video, I don't see any major difference...

  • Alexandru Dobra-Some?an

    wonderful !

  • kgeogeo kgeo

    First don't forget to work with a recent version of blender.
    You can find here:
    Talha Lodhi: for sculpt the image go in sclupt mode "grab brush" and sculpt
    kilik: the result is maybe the same but easier to use I think.
    Philippe ROUBAL:yes it need an unwarp mesh but before or after is equal.
    ubartists: you can forget audio commentary, I'm french and spaek really bad english, it will don't help ;-))

    For all other: thanks for great comment.
    For reporting bug it would be better to post of blender artist thread.
    Or for frenchy:

    • Zecc

       Then make a video in French. I'm sure someone will volunteer to add subtitles.

  • Murl1280

    Looks like it could be useful when the bugs are worked out. It was especially buggy when you added a third reference dot/point to the image and the image distorted. Then you had to start all over again. Why was that?

  • kgeogeo kgeo

    Murl1280: it's not a bug it's an intuitive scale, it scale on x and y axis, for eg your mesh have a long head but tin, you're able to distord the image according to the mesh.

  • John Fino

    This is great! I was holding off trying 2.63, but this will be so, so useful, that I'm off to graphicall now. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Xone

    been watching all the three videos.
    Thank you for making the "beast" become more powerful.

  • Zander Nicolic

    It's always interesting learning new things, and those who share their knowledge deserve thanks.
    That said, UV unvrapping in Blender is and has ever been one of its best feature, and more widely appreciated. Period.

    • kgeogeo kgeo

      Yes you're right, but consider it's not easy for beginer or artist who just want paint and not work with a techincal way.
      I think it's the same point of view for PTex, don't worry about unwarp just paint and be creative.

  • Reteo Varala

    Very, VERY nice.  I salute you!

    I probably would have taken more time to match the images with the mesh a
    little more exactly, but this was obviously just for demonstrating the
    tool, rather than making an exacting skin.

  • Wewecat


    • Bart Veldhuizen

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      • chromemonkey

        I got that part of the message was a picture of a pagoda...

  • Walshlg

    Great addon, I can't wait until it is available

    • kgeogeo kgeo

      it's available, here:

  • SGT_Gardner

    i have been learning the uv unwrapping and love it using this tool in conjunction with the UV unwrap will greatly expound  the tools at our disposal. i love this and thanks for a great plug in cant wait to get to using it.

  • Wewecat

    Thank you~~~~! I like function A long time
    PS:Chinese is also an international language.

  • Patrick Predella


  • John Hamilton

    wow this is going to help with texture

  • meltingman

    this addon really symplifie and give more advantage to the projection painting. Thanks Kgeogeo

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