Ferrari 458 Italia

front_main_galRainer Selvet describes the creation of this Ferrari 458 Italia in a 17-page PDF document.

Rainer Selvet writes:

It was quite a challenge to create appealing automotive renders. Many times I thought its finally completed, but still found that it is not there yet. I’ve written a 17-page pdf, which covers the creation process of the car. You can download the pdf and find more images here, or grab the model from Blend Swap.

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  • Johnh

    Great job. Enzo would be proud of you. I like your street render best.

  • Jordan

    Impressive work on your renders. I think Enzo would be impressed then demand you model and render a real Ferrari, and not the Enzo model either.

  • Florinmocanu

     street renders are indeed low quality, the ground is pretty bad. With such a model (great one), if you skimp out on any other detail, than everything is ruined.

  • Lowdweller

    Excellent! Thank you so much for sharing your months of work!

    • Zecc

       And taking the time to make such a good tutorial too.

  • Jalik

    Your car is very nice, but i think it could be better with HDR map and a little of color balance.. but great job

  • Zander Nicolic

    Impressive work. And nice from you to share it.

  • Blazraidr

    HE USED MY SHADER!!!!  I’m so happy :*)

  • Tank78000

    arrgh Cycles….

  • Topper Dillon

    Great work, excellent explaining! Thanks for sharing with the community!

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