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Melbourne Blender Society: a More Formal Gathering

The Melbourne Blender Society is meeting this Thursday, the 26th of April.

Alex writes:

The next meeting will be on Thursday the 26th of April – the day after ANZAC Day. We will have a tutorial and three short talks:

  • Luke Frisken, with a tutorial on material and texture nodes in Cycles.
  • Dave Boyd, on Synfig – including a screening of some recent animations.
  • Andrew Hale, on the Ivygen add-on.
  • Campbell Barton, with a bmesh tips ‘n tricks demo.

Further details are available on the MBS blog, and please RSVP here.

In future, we will probably move to a regular schedule of meetings: 4 casual dinners and 4 formal meetings per year. To find out more, subscribe to the MBS blog feed or come along to the meeting.

Do you want to start your own Blender meetup?

Check out our 'Usermeetings near YOU' page to see how you can register a town, get in touch with local Blender users and get your own Blender meetup going.



  • chromemonkey

    Formal is good!

  • Wayne Dixon

    Nice work Melbourne

    If I still lived there I would go

    but let's see if we can get the Sydney group back together
    nothing has really happened since Paddy went AWOL

    we are trying to get all the members on the meetup website and get the band back together

    if you're from Sydney, join up and let's start the ball rolling again

  • Bacdam91

    will there be a blender meet up in adelaide?

  • Misiulo

    I would have sworn it's a photo! Amazing O_o

    • Alex

      It is a photo :) Thanks for believing, though!

      • Asd

        id book a flight right now if u can teach me how to make that in that meeting