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Developer Meeting Notes, April 22, 2012

Doing the last preparations for the 2.63 release.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

1) Blender 2.63 Release Candidate

  • Testing is in progress still, a bit more testing is always good. Campbell Barton reports that the showstoppers in BMesh were handled now.
  • Release log in progress.
  • Todo for everyone: docs, docs docs!
  • Pablo Vazquez will migrate this to wiki: (with permission of author)
  • Brecht van Lommel updates the cycles doc in wiki
  • Thomas Dinges will help with the download page on, and will try to find time to move release page to as well. Brecht/Sergey are backup for this.
  • Release Ahoy might happen this wednesday!

2) Other projects

  • Antonis Ryakiotakis proposes to add ming64 support for building Blender, he will maintain that.
  • Sergey Sharybin worked on a more advanced keying node; with better color formulas and sampling, and optional marker/tracker support for advanced gradient detection.
  • Howard Trickey shows his new modifier to render wireframes:

  • Lukas Toenne did node work; frame node, node edit features (coloring).
  • Ton Roosendaal mentions an urgent need for a new web team. Will do call soon. In the meantime he proposes to add a new header to the existing site, like this (but with less nervous transitions :).

3) Google Summer of Code

Tomorrow students will get contacted by Google about their proposals! We then will present the names on this list and make a new exciting salad bowl or so :)




  • DG1

    1st thing I would like to say is... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • Vblend

    Very good new header (finally) !

  • xboong

    I look forward to the new website!

  • DimitrisC

    Keep up the good work people!

  • AlyasPogi

    Hooray for Blender Foundation!

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Hi ! I am desperately trying to report bugs for several days, but the only thing I get when trying to Login on the Bugtracker page is an HTTP 500 internal error.

    I think that I have found a very old hidden bug that was already present in Blender 2.49b :

    Textures names are inverted between original object and copy when duplicating.

    Please, could someone confirm and report it after reading the post below ? :

    I would also want to submit this other problem. I found some explanations and someone proposed me a turnaround to fix the problem, but it is tedious when you have to apply it on many objects, and anyway I think that the thing should not be allowed to occur :

    Animated material = Driver broken when duplicating object, or importing an object supporting an animated material from an other file.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Gnuren

      I can confirm the first issue. reported it on your behalf.

      • Philippe ROUBAL

        Thank you very much Gnuren !

        I don't know why it is so difficult for me to connect to the Bugtracker. I have got this problem for a long time, and I can get connected in very rare cases. As it displays internal server error, I think that it is not on my side (or maybe my web provider), but other people seem to not encounter the trouble... weird !

        Thank you again !

        • Gnuren

          Sergey fixed the texture flip problem allready :-)

          His reply: 'Fixed in svn rev45887. Thanks for the report, closing.'

          Talk about fast!!!

          • Hiding in plane sight

             Have you read the instructions?  I found out the hard way that banging your head against the monitor won't help you register a login name.  You MUST use all lower case characters.

          • Philippe ROUBAL

            My Bugtracker Login and Password contain only lower case characters...

  • nwhimkeeline

    Wow really cool, we desperately need cycles node docs.  Reverse engineering is tough business.

  • Atlantisbase

    A web site refresh would be nice, but don't bother with that temporary header thing, it doesn't work in the existing layout and pushes the page content down out of view. I'd rather wait and get a few design that works completely.

  • Daryl Van Humbeck

    Yay! Wireframe modifier!

  • Sam Nye

    Thank you Blender Foundation for such an amazing software and amazing developmental team. Might I make a suggestion about the suggested header for With the scrolling images (which looks great,) would it be possible to make that somewhat like the Hulu site, where it scrolls like that but gives you the option of clicking on the picture to go to a page about that image? Like if you clicked the picture of the old man from Sintel, it would go to the page that discusses the open movie projects. Just a thought to give the pictures more value than just sensory value. Thanks.

  • Illincrux

    Wonderful work!

    I would love to see some advanced functions be added to the new knife tool in the future similar to Google Sketchup's inferencing:

    I think most would agree that a next-gen modeling suite needs some form of inteligence that makes our workflows that much easier to perform...

    • Illincrux

      For those who are not familiar with sketchup, I guess it would help to see what I'm talking about in action:

    • David Haymond

      I totally agree; Google Sketchup's smart inferencing is a joy to use, and it makes modeling easier.

  • Josh Faulkner

    Bart, the link to Lukas Toenne's node work is broken.

  • chromemonkey

    Thanks for the continuing development!

  • Danurrahmajati

    i hope blender just not care about what the next new tool but also the robust and stable 3d programing even being open source program,  but because of that, blender must be better than the other...   

  • Bettflasche

    Is the advanced keying node in 2.63?

    I didn't understand the "optional tacker support for advanced gradient detection".
    Can anybody explain?

  • winnertakesteve

    any extra info on that wireframe modifier? if it exists in any builds in the wild, it could be extremely useful for a project i'm doing right now, where most of the script based wireframe generators i don't have quite the flexibility of a proper modifier.

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