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Two upcoming Blender events in the Pacific Northwest

Two Blender User Meetings: Bellingham, WA, April 28&29 and Seattle, May 5th.

Oscar Baechler writes:

Two different Blender events are approaching in the Pacific Northwest, both guaranteed to be a good time.

First, Linuxfest Northwest 2012.

When: April 28th & 29th

Where: Bellingham, WA

What: In addition to all things Linux, this free event will include a 2 hour presentation by Oscar Baechler on the fundamentals of Blender, with an introduction to the entirety of a production pipeline. More info on the event can be found here, if you plan to attend, please RSVP here.

Second, Seabug: the Seattle Blender User Group

When: May 5th. Seabug happens the first Saturday of every month.

Where: Seattle, WA at the Art Institute of Seattle's North Campus, room 104.

What: Blender users from throughout the PNW meet up to show projects, give tutorials, eat sushi, and hand out free stuff. Come join us! If you plan to attend, please RSVP here.

Do you want to start your own Blender meetup?

Check out our 'Usermeetings near YOU' page to see how you can register a town, get in touch with local Blender users and get your own Blender meetup going.


  • Thomas Sørensen

    I read it as Blendingham Technical College (which would've been pretty awesome). 

  • Farcgs

    Why can't there be one of these in Portland??

    • Philmaker

      Because we need more people. Check it here:

      1. Vancouver

      2. Portland

    • Oscar Baechler

      I'll be in Portland in July to show Blender at OSCON. You should throw a meetup then and I'll come hang!

  • TwirlySocrates

    Can you come just a liiiitle bit farther north?  To Vancouver?

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