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Blender Blended

By steveomaticmaniac.


  • onjoFilms

    Always wondered if Blender would blend.

  • Techx

    Now I want to see suzanne blended and see blood splatter all over lol

    • Casper Smits

      your wish is my command... Gonna try that for sure! :D

  • bizla

     yes, BLEND THE MONKEY! ;)
    great work here, especially the glass shattering near the end

  • jmasterj

    Good work! Though I always see physics in slow motion. This looks like at least half the real world speed.

    Here some about to watch, I love this records:

  • Sikowanulyze

    More like, a Blender blender, blending Blender.

  • lexi

    No. A Blender blended blender blended by Blender. Now sort out the mess.

  • Massterchief


  • L3clara

    I didn't blend, it break the blender!

  • Luks

    It blends!

  • Joel Wagner

    Which renderer is this? Because I see motion blur. :)

    • Afalldorf

      According to the description cycles, probably the vector blur just recently added.

  • Chavagl

    Well that wahs more like shatered or shredded, but any way nice test.

  • Chaos

    where's the blend to download and see what's going on? Great work!

  • Agiofws


  • 8-bit


  • Blendiac

    I wish it was possible to render more than 120fps in Blender so we could do some *real* slow mo. I really don't understand arbitarily setting the max limit to 120. *sigh*

    • Chaos

       "Time Remapping"

  • Chicortiz

    This is a freaking cool concept because the fragments break the cup ("the cell"). I see it as kind of metaphor for the Blender community (small parts breaking what's closed) ;) 

  • Zander Nicolic

    Nice rendering and concept, and good work, all in all.
    In my opinion, there is an inconsistency (one that plagues many vfx cuts altogether) between the physics of the broken glass (slow motion) and that of the blades (regular motion, as far as as I can guess). Barren this (if I am correct), awesome work.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Cool! But physically it's a rave :D

  • Ashton

    blending a blender... that cool

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