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By Reynante M. Martinez.

Reynante writes:

"With every end is a new beginning."

Inspired by one of the images shown to me by a friend and by the movie '500 Days of Summer'.

This was originally a test and exercise with particles, shading, and texturing; but I decided to share it as well, to those who might take interest in the value of the piece.

Made with: Blender 2.62
Rendered with: Cycles
Music: Ascension loop by Jonathan Geer
Textures from: and

You can download the .blend file for this project here.


  • Cdbfoster

    This is beautiful.  Simple and beautiful. :)  Great choice of music with this visual too.

  • Neblender

    Very very relaxing scene. The DoF really works for me. The speed at which the particles fall is just right and the music totally fits the scene.

  • kABHIr

    Wonderfull and soothing.

    And just a small critique: the leaves are falling with the same pattern and direction

  • Dusty

    Yup that was very nice indeed! :)

  • 8-bit

    It is a beautiful scene! Glad you decided to share this 'test run' :)

  • MrGossips

    Great piece! Totally relaxing.

  • Dudeplayer

    Very good work, one critic would be that leaves usually don't  fall strait down, they usually glide on the air and then go diagonoly, it's like dropping a piece of paper.

  • Barz

    Simple but inspiring

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Great! ^___^
    Immediately I had remembered about node particles :)

  • PV

    Beautiful.  I feel inspired. :)  

  • Jiggles100

    Perhaps you might like to share the blend file too, pls ;)

  • amcam

    Nice, although leaves don't fall vertically ... they move from side to side as they fall.

  • Bart Veldhuizen

    Reynante has shared the .blend for this project - see post.

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