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Using Light Probes and Angular Mapping

SpiritCrisis writes:

This is a basic overview of how to set up a Ang map/ using probes/ using visible background images.


  • Andrew Porter

    It sounds like Jack Black doing a tutorial. I am enjoying it.

  • Lalror

    I like the way he says "the internets" and "the googles" its pretty awesome.

    • Jalik

       Yeah I heard that.. amazin

    • Kirill Poltavets

      Then you should find "Justified" series on waves of Internet... After you'll see first moments of this dancy-fancy serial... you'll be cuming :D I swear it's a f***ng "south whoopee do" :) !

  • Zander Nicolic

    Useful tutorial, and nicely done.
    Let me ask a question (@SpiritCrisis, if he likes to answer): Where is he from? I love the accent, but, not being native myself, I'm unable to locate it.

    • James McGee

      Thanks for watching :). I am actually from Alabama lol but I try to use a range of inflections and accents to keep people entertained since most tutorials are very boring and not to mention lacking in explaining material. 

  • Dee

    Just to comment on the content:
    If you want the light probe to illuminate the objects in a photorealistic manner, do not use ambient occlusion, but use environment lighting at strength 1 with sky texture. If it is a full and proper HDRI, you don't need to add more lights.

    • mzungu

      ...and switch to cycles. (BTW, is cycles handling HDRIs correctly these days? I had peeked at some threads on BA about patches to allow it to take advantage of the full dynamic range - but didn't understand most of it, and not sure where cycles development is ATM...)

      • Artorp

         Never had any problems with HDRi on Cycles myself.

  • theLuthier

    "lesss load up da blendarr" haha love it. good tutorial!

  • Martin

    to me all the bullshit talking sucks .. con't even finish watching the tutorial..

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