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  • Dilbert

    Brilliant! Definitely gonna need that.

  • Knaxknarke

    Wow, pathtracing for wireframes. If someone told me this 5 years ago, I would have called him crazy.

  • Seeya

    Why not integrate this as a "preset" in cycles after some tests? Hope Brecht read my post and think about it.

  • e5dy

     Very similar to my old addon :
    I'll take your technique to improve it, but it have inconvenience to do fine edge on small face.

    Good work after all

  • Chrisgeorgakas

    We really need material presets!

    • Not_Me

      Funny. last time I brought that up, people were flaming at me: "THINK ABOUT THE POOR PEOPLE WITH DIALUP! the people that get 2KB/s!" and I then did some tests. something like 12 unique textures and 12 unique materials only created a filesize of a couple hundred KB. but yet they were still like "THINK ABOUT THE ....".  Since then I've seen countless requests for presets  yet no one flames those people.

      Maybe people have forgot about the poor people with dial-up in africa (that was the main argument) and are ready for presets now? I hope (minus the forget part).

      • Benjamin Lindquist

        Yeah well it's the same everywhere. New things are generally frowned upon. A friend of mine frequently tells me developers may say something can't be done and after a while it's been integrated into blender. :P

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Simple and cool! Thanks for sharing this, Agus!

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