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  • Danny

    Great demoreel. Very inspiring!

  • wysiwyg

    note to self: demoreels and dubstep don't mix...

    • wysiwyg

      but aside from that, very high quality stuff!

    • Kirill Poltavets

      The track sounds great and the Reel is cool... Sometimes "flickering" bothers but I had looked the video two times... That means it's very attractive! :)

  • Edenfuk

    SWeet DEmoReell!!

  • Jerry Perkins

    dude. dubstep and demoreels totally mix. its just something the world hasnt seen yet. Utterly jaw dropping. I was blown away, 

  • Foolish Frost

    Well, depends.  What he just demonstrated was that he can not only do multiple types of art and design, he can ALSO mix it with an audio reel and make his own mixes.  Personally, I think he has a better chance of getting hired based on that than many others I've seen.

    Oh, and it's upbeat too.  That puts listeners in a better, more open mood for hiring.  Even if you don't like techno beats, it was darn effective for it's emotional impact.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    It's inspiring! Thanks, Benjamin. I hope to see some "makings" of these paintings and short movies.

  • Michael120

    Wow! That's some awesome work you got there!

  • chrisgeorgakas

    Jaw dropping! although i needed to push pause at some times to be able to look more! the music is cool,lots of editing there to mix it nice!

  • Ben

    Thanks to all of you for the comments and congratulations.
    Ahaha the fu**ing flickering, unfortunately I haven't have all the skills to avoid this problem in my renderings, apologize me:)

    Foolish frost you're right ! The goals of this reel were to mix this sound and the footage, to have a lot of my works and under of 120 seconds. Often the demoreel are long and slow but I understand, if you are a modelling specialist it's important to see how look the mesh per example but in my case I just want to show a explosive mix of music and pictures, with a lot of colors and animations.

    • Jerry Perkins

       hahaha. You rock. I still come back to this when I wanna show the badassedness of Blender's artists. I finally bookmarked it this time though.

  • Lzymxn

    Its a great way to show off your range and skill, however at the same time its also a bit distracting in and of itself. Its still one of the better reels in that it caught my attention more so then a traditional reel, overall I liked it a lot

  • Jwrl

    I don't care about the technology used;  I see a skilfully edited reel created by someone with obvious talent.

    I sometimes wonder at the level of criticism here.  Average modeling and animation is often praised because of clever use of the technology while obviously highly creative people like Ben are criticized for a slight rendering issue and his taste in music genres.Go for it Ben.  I was impressed, and that's what a good demo reel is supposed to do.  I hope it does really well for you.

    • chromemonkey

      Context can depend, if on the one hand the "average modeling and animation" is part of a "proof of concept" for new tools and addons, it will be praised more, but what is being praised is not the artistry but the progress of the toolset.  And anyway the criticism of the slight rendering issue (as I interpreted it) was very "slight" criticism too.  So it all balances out.

      • Jwrl

        Personally, I go to the movies to see a movie.  I don't care about the technology used to produce it.  If the movie, in my opinion, is an artistic success and engages me, I think that it's a good movie.  If it isn't all those things I don't care for it, no matter how great the technology used.  Same thing here.

  • sendercorp

    Very nice .

  • 8-bit

    Some impressive work IMO, As far as editing, good, but I could see potential for even more over the top transitions(time permitted) at key points to bring in the user more. The music worked well, but problem I have w/ this type of music is it doesn't lead to anywhere really. Perhaps a cool hook (melody or chord progression) could really make this video stand out even more and evoke more emotions.

    Honestly, i think it's really good, but see potential for a very good demo reel to be an amazing demo real (time permitted). The artist obviously has some talent in many areas or perhaps, mad skillz :)

    Enjoyed the work put into this!

  • Fuchida

    It's awesome to see a swiss made sign in there, just shows that Blender is all over the place, even in my home country, ;)

  • Charles HETIER

    I am very impressed...
    Very great demo and great stuffs in it.

  • Zander Nicolic

    Impressive and maybe even awesome. Lot of high quality stuff here. Only, I'd suggest to put into less examples of your work, and less fast paced (I know, the music, dubstep, etc),, for people hiring like to see things without slowing movies. Use this as a presentation reel on your site, for it is pleasing and entertaining, but add another reel, more intended to details' presentation.

    • Ben

      I understand but unfortunately it's difficult to find more time to prepare slow footage with some details of my work with step by step (example adding shader, and pass). But if you go to my website and look for candela project or the incredible Nemof per example you will find a sort of work in progress and sometimes some tips.

      I prefer to spend my free time to create tutorial in blender (on vimeo) it's also a way to thanks and contribute for all the blender worldwide community, because this tool is just completely amazing!!

  • Dane Custance


  • BlenderPlaza

    Excellent reel! For my tastes perfect music choice and I like the cut a lot!

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