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Tube Open Movie Campaign Launches

You must have heard of the Tube project by now - we have reported on their progress from time to time. The project has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finance their next step.

Bassam Kurdali writes:

This is the second Open Movie project I direct (the first being Elephants Dream) and the first one I'm trying to do outside the Blender Foundation. We've been making it as a part of the Bit Fims incubator at Hampshire College.

Though we've had a public production blog throughout, we are at the start of the real fund-raising / charm offensive for our film. So for us it is a moment of truth for a project in which we've invested a lot of sweat, and the success of our experiment will really depend on getting the word out. I hope you might like to see what we've been up to, and perhaps help us in spreading the word!

As an Open Movie we'll have oodles of great assets to release (many of which are already done) - crowd sim tools, autowalkers, scripted decay/aging, and of course heaps of character and set models and rigs.

Tube is looking to raise at least $22,000, aims at $60,000 to complete the production. This is a crew of Blender users with a great reputation and they have already shown tons of progress on this project.



  • Derekrb25017

    she has some nice hair 

  • Andrew

    Just donated! Awesome project

  • Comeinandburn

    awesome project... I really hope everyone is generous!

  • Brandon Ayers

    Awesome, perhaps I can volunteer myself as an animator.

  • Bassam Kurdali

    Hi Brandon, would love to see your reel :)

  • Ever Hobbes

    So is it just me, or did anyone else think it was called "Cube". Cause that definitely looks like a C, not a T.

  • Luks

    Awesome project! I would love to have the time to help in any other way, at least by now, I'm gonna spread the word. Good luck!

  • Bassam Kurdali

    Thanks folks! Spreading the word is a huge help, this is the only way for an open movie to succeed :D. As for the letter, now that I look at it, it could be taken as a 'C' but hey, Cube is a pretty nice primitive too ;)

  • Wat

    tube is the new Duke Nukem Forever

  • terry

    Just gave up some of my hard earned money, Happily. Best wishes to you guys.

  • Julius Tuomisto

    It's going very well. Great job guys! :)

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