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LuxRender 1.0RC1 Released

The LuxRender team has released a major update.

LuxRender writes:

Surprise! Here is a brand new release candidate and we decided to jump the version number to 1.0 to emphasize the fact that LuxRender is a production ready application as is constantly demonstrated by the various artists using it. It still has a few rough edges that we'll try to polish in the next few weeks to get the best final possible. To meet that goal we await your feedback.

We are bundling SLG (Small Lux GPU) with this release because it is lightning fast and pretty usable even with its highly experimental status.

Thanks to all those who have made this release possible, especially new developers who have joined the team since the v0.8 release.



  • Guest

    Wow, this looks like a great update! If only luxrender was integrated in Blender the same way as Cycles is...

  • Hadphild

     Why cannot LuxRender be part of Blender? All the resource in cycles could be used to get a hybrid of the 2.

  • xeekei

    One of the points with Cycles is to develop a rendering API, so the LuxRender team can make LuxRender integrable with Blender the same way Cycles is.

    • IamInnocent

       Do we have to wait until Cycles development is finished to get that API? How does it work ?

      • Nick Rishel

         Cycles from what I understand is an external engine by it's nature and uses the API, so it must be in there already. I could understand there being reasons not to integrate with it quite yet though, it very well might still be subject to large changes.

  • Wakka9000

    I tried LuxRender on all 2.5x, 2.6x - it crashes blender all the time = Great renderer, but i dont want to use 2.49 =)

    • roofoo

      The new LuxBlend will only work with 2.62.

      • Wakka9000

         I tried old 0.8 - every time i instal luxblend (manualy or with luxrender) - every new blender do not run.

    • Lordcrc

      Something is very wrong then. May I suggest you head on over to our forums or IRC, I'm sure we'll get you up and running in no time. If not, it's likely a bug and something to fix befo re 1.0 final ;)

  • Arnaud0

    I LOVE LUXRENDER.  I can't say it's fast, but it's easy and gives great result.  I'm downloading it, and can't wait to render whatever I do next.

  • stevenshearing

    I love lux render great to hear the news, sadly cycles has no network render ;(

  • Brian Lockett

    Yes!  I love LuxRender!  It's not the fastest thing around (yet), but it's well worth the wait as it certainly produces some beautiful results.  And I love finally seeing it as "version 1.0" now (well, "1.0rc1," but the official 1.0 stable release is coming!) Thank you, LuxRender developers!

  • Tuuba

    Great news!

  • Arnaud Couturier

    Good news!
    I like LuxRender a lot, the results often look amazingly realistic out of the box.

    • Anthony Pilon

      Agreed, and the normal maps especially will kick the renders up even further.

  • Wardrums

    im not exactly sure how the cycles render engine is implimented in Blender... but all of the menu's, render settings, material settings are done by the Python UI API... so making custom menus that reflect the options available is fairly easy. Look at the 3Delight python script done by Matt Ebb.

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