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Anime Series: CopaBola

By Sergio Cajazeiras.

Sergio writes:

This is a series of 15x12 minutes.

I won a contest to encourage art in Brazil to produce a pilot for 12 minutes. I'm with the proposal for it to be displayed on a local television in Brazil. Beyond the pilot will then produce more episodes. When I finished the pilot plan to disclose it for free on the net. We also plan to disclose the Blender in credits.

I'm big fan of Blender. I am a teacher at the Gracom school of Visual Effects, where I teach Blender.

Rig Making Of




  • Johnnysirelli

    What a shit... blender knows much more ....

  • Alephpixel

    Wow, nice setup. Will you make a tutorial?

    • guest


  • hetors


  • ghoti

    meh. Even bad? Alot of anime make use of 3d models, somehow those anime's manage to not abuse the freedom a 3D camera gives them, actually use cell shading, and have fluid animations (even though they cut the FPS for actual characters down to 15 just  to maintain that sort of hand drawn feel).

    There's genuinely good work out there.
    What are you gonna call that? Super awesome? ultra-mega awesome? I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS SO AWESOME OMGFAGJAS? no? Seems weird to me.

    • Julian

      You "slightly" exaggerated, but I totally agree.

  • Christos Georgakas

    Can't help but connecting this with Inazuma eleven anime! i was wondering if you have consider using freestyle renderer ? not that your rendering doesn't look cartoonish just a thought i guess.

  • bboyclike


  • lexi

    Loudness war. Can no one make a decision for a standard volume level?

  • Gagarou

    It's pretty cool. The music and the visual are blending. I think it could do better graphic wise, to be more anime like what do..

  • Sergio Cajazeiras

    Very thanks for all coments and reviews! :)Tutorials coming soon :)

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