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Movie Project: Reversion

An awesome trailer for a community-powered movie project!

The Magic Movie Machine describes itself as:

A small team made up mostly of Computer Graphics Non-Professionals, students, and hobbyists who "jam" together to learn about storytelling, graphics, games, film, and animation. We welcome you to our journey.

CGIPadawan writes:

REVERSION is the first 11-minute animated film from hobbyist writer and film director Giancarlo Ng. The film also represents the first film project effort by The Magic Movie Machine collaborative animation team. The team was formed on January 10, 2010 and for many of its members, REVERSION represents their first foray into Computer Generated animation.

Come see the REVERSION movie blog as more content becomes available.


  • Qixel

    This looks great! Can't wait to see more footage.

  • Barz


  • LiquidForgeStudios

    Small team of hobbyists? I am so inspired...

  • Charles HETIER

    ... render, ae, camera, dynamic... looks so nice...
    excellent trailer!

  • Bettflasche

    Nice designs!
    Looks a bit like a game, reminds me of how far real-time in-game graphics have evolved!

  • Mehmet PINARCI

    nice and clean , way to go :)

  • Aclariel

    Really nice job!!!
    Cant wait till 08-08-2012 ;-)

  • PixelEuphoria

    Looks slick

  • Dewald

    Very nice!!

  •éla-Szabó/100000198577059 Béla Szabó

    Now this is just awesome!! Can't wait to see it!!

  • Sneg

    Looking great. I only think that you guys could be a bit more careful with the combo darkness + shading + few/tiny light spots. It has potential to make the thing look like old CG, IMO.

  • Jerry Perkins

    Oh my god!  Oh my god!  Oh my god! 

    That was epic and only like 10 seconds! Very impressive work. Gotta love futuristic done so nicely!

  • Ryanjohnsond

    Nice sparks. Good color, weight/gravity and speed. 

  • Colin Levy

    Woo!  This looks awesome.

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Hi Colin !

    Yes, impressive work ! Very promising trailer.

  • Benjaminjamesfx

    is there a irc.freenode room?

  • Natethegreatgill

    Nice. Watching again...

  • Max Puliero

    soo cool.

  • MEXICANO_666


  • abderrehmane

    look nice , want to see more ,thanck, if I can help "blender2131" my  skype

  • MxD

    Waw ! Really perfect ! ! !  

    Maybe one remark ... probably it's only MY feeling, but  ... it goes verrrrrrrrry fast. You know, I'm not that young anymore, a bit slower would give me more time to absorb - and to enjoy - what you show me.  Now I must pause the trailer all the time and return :-)  

    The sneaking robot in the beginning moves a little bit to straight to my feeling. Okay, it's a robot, and he is sneaking, but ... I would prefer some smoother look. On the other hand, the robot in front of the TV displays moves just perfect. Subtle small movements, very nice. I like that. 

    Forget the criticism, this is absolutely great stuff !  I'm eager to see more !  10/10 for the great team !

  • Kirill Poltavets

    "non-professionals"? :D Guys, don't be so shy! OK, it's not "Rose" but definitely "tells" more pleasant words about your skills.

  • Jeff Dains

    Do you guys use some DAZ/Poser content... some of it looks very familiar.

    • Giancarlo C. Ng

       All models and rigs were done from scratch in Blender.

  • Pablo


  • Liam Walls-Ott

     what render engine are they using for this?

    • Giancarlo C. Ng

      All footage for REVERSION is rendered in Blender Internal

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