Blender demonstration in Vinkeveen/the Netherlands

40-jaar-videoclubA local Dutch video club is showing off Blender this Sunday, April 15.

Jeroen Bakker writes:

A video-club in the Netherlands are celebrating their 40 year anniversary with a video-market. It takes place in Vinkeveen on Sunday 15th of April. Why is it interesting?

Well… there is also a track about animation named: “How to make your own 3d animation with ‘open software’ (Do it yourself)”. Guess what application will be used :).

More information here (dutch).

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  • Julian

    Let me guess which software they’ll use…
    No, seriously, I have no idea in the slightest…

    • Jan Larmann


    • ron

       “[...] ‘open software’ [...]” (Jeroen Bakker, line 7)

      • Julian

        Thanks. Sarcasm is a difficult thing.