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Model: Dromaeosaur Raptor

By Animaniac888.

Animaniac888 writes:

My first organic model. Includes textures and normal maps as well as a non-animation-ready rig. Improvements may be made to the rig and softbodies may be added, but that will probably be some time in the future if it is going to happen.



  • Aclariel

    Thank you 
    Animaniac888 for this ;-)

  • sayatoy

    Bravo Amigo...!

  • JoolsMcFly

    Quite a colourful one. Well done.

  • Dewald

    If this is your first organic model you are seriously gifted. Nice model

  • Hjölli

    That is a pretty good job, nicely textured and rendered, thumbs up :)

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