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Fork Mosquito

By sssampo.

sssampo writes:

I project started as a sketch on my sketchbook like two years ago. I modeled this almost completely back then but wasn't talented enough to complete it the way I wanted so I dropped it. I forgot about it for a long time but when I was browsing my old .blend files I found it and decided to resurrect it with my current skillset.

Blender with a little help of TopMod and rendered in Blender Internal. Composited and color corrected in Photoshop.

I have newer stuff too but this is my all time favorite so far and thus decided to make my introduction with it.

I also have a new short film coming up very soon! It's now in post production. Follow me on twitter to keep posted.



  • Andries

    wow love the concept...always nice to see something that is art*

  • Charles HETIER

    Excellent! I love the silver effect on the overall image + the way it contrasts with the background. 
    This is according to me a very very nice composition!

  • Nolan Tyrrrell

    I loved the image. I thought mosquito as an organic project by say Chas Darwin and then forked (as in computer program) into a mechanical. Couldn't help my disappointment when I noticed the literal fork (eating item) tail. Sorry for my expectations, they don't diminish your skills.


  • Ron

    OK - I'll admit it - for a moment I thought they stopped naming forks "branches" after vegetables, and started using insects.

  • Hjölli

    made me laugh this morning :)  very inspiring picture and reminds you to think a little bit outside the box.

  • sssampo

    The artist here. Thanks everyone for the nice words :)


  • Paranoid Writer o_O

    Since when did forks and misquitoes.... O_o wait... what is this world I live in... WHO ARE YOU PPL???!!!

  • ???? ??????????


    Nice feeling

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