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Blender Beginners Course, Rotterdam, NL


Dutch artist Michiel van der Zanden is hosting an 8-part Blender workshop in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Michiel writes:

An introduction to 3D modeling, led by Michiel van der Zanden, at SKVR Beeldfabriek Rotterdam.

The intention is to learn the basics in 8 lessons: what do you see on the screen? What features are there? How to build / model an object? What are 'meshes', 'textures' and 'physics' etc.

8 lessons of 2.5 hours. Starting 24 April 2012. Tuesdays 20:15 p.m. to 22:45 p.m.

Depending on your age, this course costs €110 (up to 20 years) or €158 (over 20 years).



  • Abel

    Wahoo!! In Rotterdam, but I'm no beginner...

  • Roeland

    Cheaper for less-than-20 year olds? How so? :)

  • Nathan van Hulst

    Would be cool to participate since I life near Rotterdam and work there, however the cost holds me a bit back. I rather spend that on a Blender conference ;) But really cool iniative tbh =D

    • Olaf

       It's cheap compared to the Beginner's Course at the Blender Institute which will cost you 1000 euros.

    • Abel

       A Blender Conference for the Rotterdam area sounds verry cool.. If you plan 1, then I'll be there...

  • Ricey Bennington

    Hum, legal, e ruim ao mesmo tempo, primeiro porque eu sou do Brasil, segundo porque não tenho grana, terceiro é antes do quarto e depois do segundo ( Foi uma Piada ), bom, mas quem sabe um curso aqui em Sergipe ( Brasil ), seria legal, por enquanto, só na espera...

  • Davidramos147

    hello, my name is david ramos'm Dominican rep, and worked tirelessly with blender for a long time. I have a concern, there a simpler way to animate characters and that the mesh does not deform destructively. is usually very difficult to assign weights and nesecito alluda. Please I need help. Perdonem my English!

  • wessx

    Blender & Rotterdam in one doens't get better then this!! :-P

  • Glottis

    Sounds intresting. The price is definitly good for 8 lessons. I think I will sign up to this!

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