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Adam Baum Turntable

By David Lindsley, from his movie 'Adam Baum - The Chase'.

David writes:

Here's a little bit of fun - a slightly different 'spin' on the standard animation turntable video! These are some characters from the Adam Baum cartoon under development - Mom, Dad, sister, a bunch of evil villains - and then, of course, Adam who's been standing around way too long! Enjoy!


  • Foolish Frost

    Good job!  Personality and art too!

  • Charles HETIER

    I like the concept consisting in keeping the characters alive while spinning.
    The one I prefer is the father (I guess he is the father....)

  • Jmanning92

    Very nice. I do like the moving turntables, great idea.
    Where have I seen that green alien before? Wasn't he a MAX model?

  •éla-Szabó/100000198577059 Béla Szabó

    Haha very good job :D The family looks really cute :D I love them!

  • Jodi

    Heh. Very clever. Especially like the evil genius getting tired arms.

  • JoolsMcFly

    Love the alien dude, scratching twice. Loved it.

    • Gabriel

      they haven't made that alien ;) It's a 3dmax model :D

      • David Lindsley

         Hmmm..  The model was posted on BlendSwap - and purported to be available for any private or commercial use.  Maybe I should replace it with some other....  Too bad.  I really like that one.

  • T.E. Mencer

    Nice idea and good work pulling it off! I think the only thing I noticed was .. well, Adam seemed to be the least believable out of the group. His movements all felt very .. icy. Like he was sliding around - particularly when he ran off to use the restroom. 

    BUT BUT BUT - that's not saying this wasn't a clever and unique way to show your characters. Awesome work!

  • Gabriel

    The green Alien is a 3D Studio Max model that comes with the tutorials... hahahaha what a losers

    • David Lindsley

       See my comment above.

  • Brian Lockett

    I don't think I've ever seen a 3D character walk of their pedalstal before.

  • MxD

    Come and see !  "TURNABLES", the funny version !  The way you never saw them before !  :-)

  • JusticeBuster

    LOL, that was great =D  the new turntable meme

  • mcbeth

    hahahaha .....need we really say more ;)

  • Abemclarahmore

    Very cool...

  • Tukuniata

    This is funny :)

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