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Murdoc (From Gorillaz)

By Simon Lachapelle

Simon writes:

Just want to share with you my first character done in Blender. He's one of the Gorillaz Character.

Modeling: Blender/Maya
Uv unwrap: Roadkill
Sculpt and textures: Mudbox
Render: Blender Cycles renderer



  • Alejandro AR

    This is amazing, looks very good. I really need to finish my character. 

  • Nickbenkhoo

    What part of it did you do in Maya?

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    I thought this was an actual character from the latest “Gorillaz” video. :)

    Which, if you haven’t seen it, is bloody amazing.

  • fugifunk

    Looks great, I'm curious as to why you used blender, maya and mudbox, what where the advantages of spreading you're workflow between the different packages? 

  • LiquidForgeStudios

    well done, but he looks gross. But I assume that's what you intended.

  • Simon Lachapelle

    Thanks Guys!
    Nickbenkhoo:For the maya part, in fact, I only used the cleaning tool because I had some issues with my mesh.. 

    fugifunk: I used Mudbox instead of the sculpt feature in Blender because this was an homework for school. (And Maya for cleaning purpose)

    Lawrence : Yeah, I'm a big fan of Gorillaz, I've seen the clip the first day it was online!

    LiquidForgeStudios:Yeah, it was intended. Murdoc look a little like a zombie..Here is the reference picture that I used.

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