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Reel: Oscurart 2012

By Eugenio Pignataro (Oscurart).

Eugenio writes:

  • The reel shows works until 2012.
  • Blender for modeling and texture, Softimage animation and rendering in Mental Ray.
  • The works are mostly for MuuCine and Flamboyant Paradise.
  • My task in the reel was lighting models and rendering.


  • johnj

    a lot of ideas... bravo!

  • Brian Lockett

    Nice reel, dude!

  • Zander Nicolic

    Well done and entertaining. Not so usual in reels. Bravo Eugenio!

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Nice reel. Some scenes at 0:40 (Jabba) and 1:12 (Cantina) reminds me some famous scenes of Starwars !

  • Kirill Poltavets


  • Roberto Abella

    Very nice!!!

  • Alvin Nashif Magarang


  • chromemonkey

    This just shows how provincial I am... I can't figure out the phone number at the end of the ad.  Ten digit number starting with a 1 and followed by nine digits, there's obviously a prefix I should know to add before dialing?

    • Oscurart

      +54 011 1151774936 Argentina :)

      I forgot the prefix.

  • Oscurart

    Thanks everyone for the comments!.

  • Aasm271

    that is very inspirational sir

  • Jakchit


  • Socceronly

    Wow.  Just double checking the URL.... Yup, I'm on the blender site.

  • Guitar

    Really great work.  Bravo.

  • Brendon Murphy

    great work,
    it's wonderful to see blender being used by such talented people.

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