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  • Benjamin Bergstrom

    nice looks cool

  • Kevin Sheppard

    Daaaaayuumm son!

  • StormChaser295

    Very nice! I like the texture details!

  • William Santacruz

    Muy buena animacion,, me encanta!

  • Techx

    very cool, well done model, textures and anim.

  • Duovn

    he made in Blender?

    • Paulius Mscichauskas

      Yes. Click the link.

      • Marius K.

         Neklaidink žmonių

    • Marius K.

      used: Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, 3delight
      Click the link for more info

  • Simon Lachapelle

    Awesomeeeee Jobbb. Blender is now as good as maya and all those expensive software! 

  • Robert Elm

    Great everything, but especially the modeling and the rigging!

  • Nest Gm

    Awesome!, how make you the muscle animation?

  • Brian Lockett

    The muscle movements.  How, Obi-Wan?

    • Kirill Poltavets

      I'm guessing... Shapekeys with drivers! No? :)
      Would like to hear something about this from the author.

  • Email

    Impressive! First Class. Could be in any 3d animation movie by the big studios. As above mentioned: "The muscle movements.". Close look on the "lizards" toes. They tremble on the walk cicle like would be the real ones in one live raptor.

  • Sean

    Okay.  I call fake.  You can't just hop in a time machine, grab a clone or something and then expect us to believe it's CGI.  :>

    That is Very good.  At least this non-expert thinks so.

  • Sean

    Okay, I maybe found ONE flaw.  It appears it only has half of a digestive tract...

  • Rafael

    blend file?

  • Anthony

    Wow!! Great work.  I aprove this animation. :)

  • darthmikael


  • Luks

    Philosoraptor FTW!

  • Eyal Iaroslavitz


  • Dewald

    Everything about it is top class.

    The modelling, texturing, rigging, animation and rendering is superb.

  •éla-Szabó/100000198577059 Béla Szabó

     O.O How the hell did he make those muscle movements? This animation looks better than the ones in Jurassic Park :D

  • Ristesekuloski

    Bohdan, this is a perfect model and animation. That thing looks alive! Only note is that raptors did have feathers... but it looks scarier this way!

  • Charles HETIER

    Awesome modeling and rigging!!! Very impressive

  • Aury88

    WOW! awesome work! the model and the animation are perfect.

  • Guest

     Just photorealistic! Awesome stuff you created here :)

  • Maciej Szczesnik

    Very nice piece. I like how the muscles work.

  • Grzesiek

    Awesome! Animation looks so smooth and organic, the muscles are moving beneath the skin! Please make "philosoraptor" pose :D

  • Zander Nicolic

    Jaw drop. That muscle animation is definitely pro, and high level, too.

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Great work ! Much life in that model and animation !

  • Mike Belanger

    Well done!

  • Here

    Great work. I assume muscle movement is made out by shapes driven by bones. Now Did you use Normal maps? Texture seems to be made on Zbrush? All animation is great, the only one I did not like was the running Cycle. I guess it should jump a bit more. Rest outstanding !

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Bohdan, it's amazing!

  • Paul Murphy

    This is SO good! :D 

  • Comeinandburn

    Is this done in Blender?  I assumed it was because it was posted here but it doesn't make any mention of it on the youtube page

  • Foo

    Shouldn't the head move before/after the rest of the body, as in chicken? 

  • chromemonkey

    He looks so HAPPY!!

  • Tim Nevo

     previous post said "one live raptor". Do we have access to one?  Did you put markers on a dinosaur and motion track it?  Now make a herd of them dance to Lionel Ritchie. BTW great job!  If you rigged that by just imagination alone.... that's just spectacular!

  • Tomket7

    Awesome! The model is great and the motion looks realistic although I have never seen living dinosaurus :)
    Amazing work!!! 

  • jorge

    this is absolutely amazing. I want to know how the artist did those muscles to move. very impressive result. I love blender.

  • Skent

    Excellent work, of course the 'dinosaur' is a JP-inspired fictional construct. 

    The hands are twisted wrong(an incredibly common mistake in theropod reconstructions), and obviously all actual dromeosaurs would've been fully feathered.

    But otherwise technically excellent. 

  • Stanislav


  • traylorpark

    Can't stop watching those thigh muscles.

  • Sleepwalker

    Damn. I had chills...

  • Drflotsen

    jurassic park sucks! comes from?

  • Yodra

    Wow, that's incredible! The animation is so natural, and the displacement map is so detailed! 

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