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Ocean Simulation Overview

By Daniel Kreuter.

Daniel writes:

Yet another tutorial this time about the Ocean Simulation tools in Blender. It’s not a step by step tutorial! I just want to give you an overview about the possibilities and give you some basic knowledge.

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  • Max Puliero

    another great mini-tutorial! :D

  • Ninja7

    Short, very informative, very good teaching, One word awesome

  • Nacho Perea

    Fantastic! Making a moving ocean is really nice and, with this tutorial, it seems fairly easy.

  • Brian Lockett

    I get excited every time I see a new e-mail from Daniel's site for these.

  • Montyvfx

    Good stuff Daniel. Thanks!!!!

    FYI spelling error on Alignment page headline.

  • Dewald

    Thanks Daniel

    Your tutorials are always very good introductions to the particular topics. The perfect starting point for learning how a blender feature works.


  • Dan DeNise

    Minor typo: Alingment for Alignment

  • LswaN

    Awesome. I love Daniel Kreuter's tutorials, they're always so helpful for seeing which settings really affect which things in a simulation. Thank you Daniel!

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