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3d people scanning with Kinect and Blender

Dutch Design and Video Production Company Captain Video captured visitors of an event in 3D using a Kinect and Blender.

Kees Veling writes:

For a Congress in the Carré in Amsterdam we used a Kinect to make 3D scans of visitors. We wanted to scan as much people as possible so we scripted blender to read and rename the kinect files and set up the scene and animation.

We scanned more than 60 people in an hour. The animations were shown as the people entered the main room for the presentation and during the keynote speech. For this youtube video we rendered a stereoscopic version.



  • AlyasPogi

    Interesting use of Blender! :)

  • Kirill Poltavets

    I foretell the era of "papier mache porno" :D

    • Katia Carby

      You win the caption competition

  • Jmanning92

    Wow, I'm going to HAVE to get Kinect now.

  • Brian Lockett


  • Jan the Freeze

    The script probably works in 2.62 it is just that Rob still works in 2.49 because he cannot get used to the new interface : )

    • Colin Griffith

       2.49 used Python 2.x, and 2.62 uses Python 3.x. I doubt it'll work.

  • xsinick

    Proves again  what I've been saying, the new interface is even more confusing,

    • AlekB

      Doesn't prove anything. It just shows that the guy is used to the old.

    • Nick Rishel

       Never did pick up Blender until the new interface so I will have to disagree, but I respect your right to your opinion. :)

      • C5_Fuzz

        Yeah, also have to disagree...I liked the old interface, but I definitely think the new interface is a vast improvement in my opinion. But as Nick said, to each their own :)  

  • Martin Ankerl

    You might want to have a look at ReconstructMe which can captures full 3D models with the Kinect in real time, and it's free for non-commercial use!

  • Jan the Freeze

    @google-fae1704291b10722d46c592ffed1815a:disqus rgbdemo can similar stuff too and is lgpl so usable for commercial projects

    • Martin Ankerl

      rgbdemo is great, but reconstructme is quite different

  • Severino

    Hyper good !! ;-)

    It's possible to ask at Sergey (Mango team) to create interpolation between the 3d-space-whole, when one human--part-member hide another member-part... like the motion-tracking... ??? Blender search into the X=30 last frames what is lack (3d-surface of the the human) into the current frame, to complete this...!!?

    It's possible to create a logic brick for Game Engine to move player-object

    Sévérino ! ;-)

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