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Add-on: Render Music

Liven up the wait during rendering with this add-on by Jason van Gumster!

Jason van Gumster writes:

While rendering, "elevator" music automatically plays. When the render job is complete, a bell rings. You can optionally enable and disable the music and bell from the Render panel of Render Properties.

From the Files section of User Preferences, you can specify different sounds for the render music and end tone. Any sound file that Blender recognizes (WAV, MP3, OGG, AIFF, etc.) is supported.



  • Johnny D. Wi Cked

    LOL This isn't as good as the multi-color theme one. :D But still, would be a nice feature. :D

  • jrkirby

    Nice april fools joke.

  • Amos Manneschmidt

    OMG. This actually works. I'm surprised someone really spent the time to make this.

  • Dwmitch

    When I saw this I thought "useless, but interesting." Then I remembered the date. Of course, the fact that there's actually a download link (which I haven't tested, as I'm waiting to repair my primary computer to get back into Blender) on the addons page, combined with the fact that POV-Ray actually does play render complete sounds (along with error sounds) has me wondering again.

    Maybe this year's April Fool's Day joke is that there is no joke so we end up assuming nothing posted today is legitimate.

  • MrBippies

    *shrug* I dunno, I kinda think its cool.

  • claas
  • David Zerba

    This is exactly what I needed!

  • Blendermanffreaaak

    LOL, imagine someone uses this for overnight rendering :D

  • Pawel

    The files are actually there! The py file and the music... Did Bart write a python script specifically for April Fool's Day? :)

  • forestdino

    I came here today just for this, LOL, thanks

  • encn

    this was posted on Blenderartists a while ago. Having an audio message to know when those 1-30m "ok, what do I do now?"  renders are done is a GREAT idea! I can't imagine many practical situations where I'd find the elevator music useful, but it's a funny way to present the addon.

  • Liquid Orange

    LOL it's the 1 April :)

  • basse

    yes, it's the april 1st, but this isn't just a joke but actually a working program.
    i didn't know about about the render app handles, those are actually quite nice.. thanks for the tip!
    i removed the music, and put a kdialog notification call instead when rendering is done..


  • Guest


    Still a good idea and one that I felt was necessary when I first started using Blender, not the music but some sort of sound that would trigger to signal that rendering has finished.

    The amount of time I've wasted while watching a film because of the typically long render times and have become completely engrossed in what I was watching actually makes this idea quite apt.

    The joke's on you, friend.

  • Ron Proctor

    Hahaha. That's awesome! :)

  • Dave H

    Only available in the paid version of Blender!

    • Anthony Pilon

      Wait, what? Pay for software? ;)

      F/OSS rules!

      And this is a great idea, btw.

  • Greylica

    You will never find...  As long as you live... Someone who's loving you !... Tender Like I do...

    Low Rawls...

  • Skauchx

    hahahha, the best add-on!!! go blender !!! :D !!!

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Well, it is not a joke ! It is very useful ! It is a pity that it doesn't work with the official Blender version tested successfully with Rev 45133 but doesn't work with Rev 44136 ) I asked for this feature to Ton himself in a mail I sent him around 2004 few time after discovering Blender ! It was around rev 2.32 or something like that. I often loose time on rendering between the render of long sequences of images just because I am working in an other room and not aware that the job is done ! So, A big tank you ! i just hope that this scripts will still work with further official versions. Obviously, I will only use the End signal, with my own mp3 file... maybe a nice message of a female voice !o)

  • Michael Soluyanov

    Hey! Make music to slow down if the rendering goes slower =)

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Hello ! I give you below my own end.mp3 file made in Audacity. The English female voice is synthetic. It is Lauren's voice from AT&T natural voices.

  • Ljoel

    Please be real, please be real, PLEASE BE REAL!!!

  • vBlend

    Don't forget to check this one...

  • OBI_Ron

    I can usually tell when a render is finished - my old computer stops making noise, and the smoke clears.

  • Cody

    This rocks.

  • jorge

    hahahahahaa is this even useful? hahahaha thanks though. we need people like this with innovative ideas. 

  • William_doran

    Is there an addon for iTunes that plays a Luxrender gui to make exciting music less exciting?

  • Archimedes

    Now i can dance to the music while rendering o_O

  • Brian Lockett

    Six days later, and I'm still using this add-on regularly.  Only on Blender!  Hahaha!

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