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Model: Low Poly Health Crate

By Metalix.

Metalix writes:

I decided to release this little goody.
For one of our school projects at natcoll we were asked to build a game crate. So I came up with this. It was actually so vivid in my mind I hope I didn’t see it somewhere online :O – probably from battlefield or something lol

Anyway, this is my game crate, I made it in less than an hour in blender, maya and photoshop.
attached is the blend file and a set of 4k texture maps. You will want to adjust these to game rez, but I felt I might as well include the high rez ones.
You’ll also want to fix some of the seams issues I never got around to fixing in photoshop.
It’s good, but it’s not great. 3Dworld are getting me to do a tutorial on creating game props and I was going to use this. Then I decided I can do so much better without time restraints, so I’m giving it away!

Have fun, credit if you use.



  • hakre1

    I assume its meant to say crate?

    • Bart Veldhuizen


  • Peter

    Natcoll.. in Christchurch?

    • alextelford

       Wellington :)

  • Drxms

    Lookslike its been thru a lot of action. :P

  • Nekipc

    Blender and Maya? So what was done in what program?

    • alextelford

       We had to model a game crate in maya, and texture in photoshop. So I modeled in maya, UV'd in blender, textured in photoshop, and brought back into blender for applying textures/bakes/etc.
      I also did a small amount of rust in mudbox (another piece of software we were allowed to use) but didn't like it, so continued in photoshop.
      Unfortunately I've been pretty much banned from using blender and mari in my class projects :( lol

  • Dave H

    Kind of beat-up looking - are you sure it makes your health INCREASE?

    But the major flaws look like real-life ones, not low-poly-CG flaws.

    The white parts look good, the black is too black and the red is too red.

    I've seen worse, in just about every game!  Good job.

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