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Car paint shader with flakes for Cycles

Monsterdog at came up with some good ideas about how to start a good car paint shaders with built-in metallic flakes.

You can follow the discussion about this material in the Blenderartist thread. The old normal node approach in Blender Internal can now be done with a dedicated fresnel node in Cycles producing perfect iridescent shaders with two colors cekuhnen designed.




  • T.E. Mencer

    These are dang nice and look real legit. 

  • CGI Trainer / Peter Drakuli?

    Excellent work,I must say...I made a tutorial on this,it's been a while now,but I think your approach is a step forward towards a good "car paint" shader...

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Nice! Thanks for sharing this!

  • DC

    It's actually from 'cekuhnen', not monsterdog. ;)

    • RicB

      NOT, the render is from cekuhnen, the technique is from monsterdog.

  • roofoo

    It looks good. But I thought flip-flop paints were going out of style.

  • Madebympk

    "... with build in metallic flakes." I think you meant "built in" not "build in."

    • claas

      Thank you English is not my native language ;)

  • L3clara

    Cool blend, it works fine!

  • kABHIr

    Thats really neat and perfect. Thanks for the blend file

  • andr3a


  • claas

    DC I started the thread but monsterdog started the fist node layout and the refinements I added are based on his foundation and work so I give him all the credit ;)

  • Comeinandburn

    please make sure this gets into the wiki

  • DC

    Ooops! My bad. =)

  • claas

    DC no problem I am also the person who wrote this news feed ;) But I corrected you text because half of this is also my work - but I really dont care about credits here. Its free for everybody have fun using it.

    • Vitaminderek


  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    As a programmer, I see nodes as a programming language (of the form known as a “data-flow diagram”). And in any programming language, you need the ability to add comments to explain why a piece of code is doing something. Do you think Blender’s nodes could benefit from something like this? All it would be is a node with no terminals, containing an editable text block, that you could position next to some other nodes to indicate that it applies to them.

    • Anders Otte

       - or add a note button to frames, so that comments could be arranged by frames ?

      Best regards,
      Anders Otte.

    • claas

      Here is the thead:

  • cekuhnen


    this was proposed today at Blenderartist and I strongly think that this type of node like a comment tool in Word would  be highly useful!!!

  • Johnrhutchison

    I downloaded the Blend file but nothing shows in the render. What am I doing wrong?

    • Blazer003

      Are you using the new cycles render engine?  If not, read up on it.

    • claas

      This is for Cycles ONLY not Blender Internal render engine.

  • Johnrhutchison

    Thanks for your responses but it doesn't work for me. Tried downloading again. When I open it it automatically selects Cycles. But I just get grey when I hit F12.
    Tried appending to a new document, still no go even though the default cube did render.
    Another curious thing is that I can't put the scene into solid mode.In rendered mode I see the sampling happening as in the numbers turning over...
    Ah have just tried appending the materials and that works, so all is good...Thanks anyway for the replies.

  • Quentin

    When I render stuff in cycles I always get little black dots all over the place. Is it because my PC isn't good enough or is there something else I can do to fix it? 

    • Steve Starr

      Increase the samples in the Render/Integrator panel. If your refering to the above blend file you might have to wait awhile for the rendering to clear up.

  • gearsofdesign

    Fantastic material. Looks amazing.

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