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Model: Seats

By Zero4mike.

Zero4mike writes:


Simply a collection of seats that I made from my abandoned short-film project, Seat!. Not long ago I decided to dust-off my models and share them with the community, and hopefully getting some critical responses. This pack contains 13 blends, non of which are textured. Enjoy and please give me some feedback. Thanks.

Don’t worry about hurting my feelings.



  • Andr3a

    Thanks for sharing... they look very very well!! 

  • Nonami Ayo

    I wonder when I'll be able to use blender this well, hopefully not to long from now... The seats are inspiring...

  • Karlis Stigis


  • 422797679

    help-----------------------------------!         when I am modeling , accidentally pressed the ctrl+h , and the object is visable in viewport ,but in render result shows no object! how can I fix that ?

    • Mopdawg

      Have you tried alt-h? That works for the viewpoint, don't know about render though

    • Ephdot

      At the bottom of the Object Tools window (T toggles it), checking the item that is labeled "Unselected" works for me.

  • 422797679

    i tryed alt+h ,ctrl+h, shift+h , ctrl+shift+h , ctrl+shift+alt !  but the same result 

    • Ephdot

      Just checked hot-keys.  ctrl+H turns on restricted render for selection and ctrl+alt+H will turn it off.

      • Bart Veldhuizen

        Hey guys, please stay on topic.

        • 8-bit

          Quick Bart, ctrl+H those who get off topic!..i joke!...and now back to the chairs..

    • Nonami Ayo

      while in object mode, press w in the view port and click "Clear All restrict render". Just in case u dont understand the ctrl + alt + h shortcut.

  • 8-bit

    These chairs look great in the above pic - I may take a closer look @ them for a project or 2 i'm working on. Thanks fro sharing!

  • Walshlg

    Thanks for sharing, you put a lot of work into these and they look great

  • Zander Nicolic

    Fine models. Thanks a lot.

  • sirri tanribilir

    very good work and thanks for sharing

  • Ben

    wow, i bet it took some time to make them

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