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Huniad Castle Maquette

Romanian artist Imre Horvath created this paper Maquette based on a 3D design in Blender.

Imre writes:

I made this maquette of the Huniad Castle (Hunedoara, Romania) to order.

First I created the 3D design in Blender, based on photos and the ground-plan of the building. Then I exported the file in .obj format and edited it in Pepakura Designer to make a printable pattern. I then drew the pattern onto sheets of paper and cardboard of different thickness, from which I built the 120x80 cm base sized, scale maquette.
The topography and the painting of the castle were created together with artist Kati Bódi, using acrylic paint.



  • Narvik

    This is cool! As old WH player i am know how superb it is  : )

  • Drxms

    It looks fantastic!

  • Walshlg

    wow, very nicely done

  • Oana

    Impressive! It's for display in the castle's museum?

  • K3

    Btw, are there any Blender add-ons that would do what Pepakura does?

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Looks great! :)

  • Stan

    i think i have been there once! greetings from germany.

  • Peter Cassetta

    Now that's what I call Computer-Aided Design!

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