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Engagement Ring


By Thio.

Thio writes:

Hi, this is One of my favorite pieces that I made is simple but I work on it for 12 hours I model it and shade it, complete it in blender it has around 256 passes in cycles render engine and a little touches in gimp, I hope you like it


  • Kazim LP-Underground

    very cooll

  • Math

    very nice, good work.

  • Hamp210

    Very nice....tutorial forthcoming?  :)

    • Mario Camarillo García

      may be maybe it would be a short tuto

  • Math

    y can put it on blendswap, won´t you?

    • Mario Camarillo García

      this design was sold it for a client sorry my friend but a promise I will put others design that I have 

  • Nonami Ayo

    This is beautiful, very good work

  • Barz

    just gorgeous...

  • Lyly767

    Nice ! I love the golden material, creamy and very realistic. The stone is good but to me looks a bit fake. It looks like it had wrapping paper inside. I can't appreciate the hard cuts and hardiness that real diamonds have. Great job anyways !

  • roofoo

    I'm sure the modeling is fine but It needs some chromatic dispersion.

    • roofoo

       And caustics!

  • Drxms

    The diamond looks realy great. 

  • Mario Camarillo García

    Thank you very much for the critics it will help me to be better 3d artist day by day, this was a projects for a jewelry designer here  in Monterrey, México.

  • Dewald

    Very good. I think you should just try to get some dispersion in the diamond to give it that energy in the diamond. I have achieved dispersion with cycles, although not perfect. I would be glad to share it with you so you can check it out.

    • Jesús Mario Camarillo García

      of course my friend it would be a pleasure for me :)

  • Michael

    very nice...

  • Chinu3d

    i have just one word to say.... AWESOME!!!!

  • Sharon


  • Mario Camarillo García

    I want to thank specially to my friend Dewald how helped me to get a better result in some of mas designs  and thank you all of your critics and good comments

    • Dewald

       Glad I could be of help. I would love to see the the rest of your designs. Do you have a link?

  • Mario Camarillo García

    sorry is some of my designs  jajaajjajajajaaahahahaahahaha

  • Mario Camarillo García

    I am glad to add the link of some images that I made time ago

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