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Hall and Staircase Scene Lighting and Compositing Tutorial (French)

A French 40 minute tutorial on lighting and compositing this scene.

Benjamin Vurlod writes:

This Tutorial will show you the process of Lighting and Compositing a Hall and Staircase Interior Scene in Blender.

Topics covered in the Tutorial include:

  1. Set several lights simultaneously.
  2. Isolating layers on lamps to illuminate only certain objects.
  3. Full use of all the parameters of a Point Light and an Area Light.
  4. Use objects emit in the Compositing Node Editor.
  5. Work on several Render Layer Compositing



  • Drxms


  • Brian Lockett

    Aw, too bad I don't speak French...yet.

  • Julian

    Bart, may I suggest that you add that the tutorial is in french?
    Because my french really isn't all that good to be honest. 
    Anyway, nice result.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Added, sorry about that!

  • chromemonkey

    Someone needs to make an English translation, my understanding of the Blendernation rules was that this is an English-only site.  Well at least for the comments, I don't know about the actual tutorials.

  • Samuel Wilton

    To bad it is not english >.>

  • Erickblender

    Come on guys! I have been watching  tutorials like the Artist (movie) and I came up with something decent. By the way there a blend file as well ;)

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