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Creating a Point-and-Click Adventure with Blender and Unity


Follow the development of this Blender/Unity powered adventure game.

Manuel writes:

We are "Serious Monk", an independant game-studio working on our first Prototype, a Point-and-Click Adventure called 'No Place For Traitors'. We use Blender as the 3D software for modelling and rendering the backgrounds, and also for modelling, rigging and animating the characters for in-game use. Our engine is Unity. On our website, we blog constantly about the development and the problems/solutions we find for the workflow Blender->Unity.

If you're interested in classical point-and-click, we'd be happy to read some comments on the artwork published so far. If you are a developer with a question about our workflow, feel free to ask.




  • Jedismindtrick


  • Drxms

    Now were talking! 

  • RJH

     Have you produced any tutorials as you develop? Would be great to see how you do things.

    • Maenny

      Hi, we are constantly posting new stuff, the latest post was a How-To on the turning Animation of the main-character.

      • Asa Taylor

        This looks neat.  Thank you so much for sharing the dev process with the world.

        Any chance of an RSS feed?

        • Maenny

          Yes, I am currently working on implementation of RSS and Twitter on the site. Just stay tuned, these features will be available soon...

  • Xone

    This is going to be commercial, right? I'm curious, why did you guys choose point and click adventure instead of other genres?

  • Maenny

    Because I like it! I do like the genre and I do like telling stories, and I think the point and click adventure is most suited for that. 

  • sscholle

    Im looking for a script that makes the Character Move to a destination chosen by a Mouse Click with Unity 3D

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