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The HammerHead ESP-244

By Sam Speed.

Sam writes:

The HammerHead ESP-244 is a cyberpunk style electric sports car modelled and animated in Blender and rendered with Octane Render. It exists in a time in the near future when we've completely depleted all of the world's oil and most vehicles have converted to electric drive.

The government with the greatest battery technology will be the Superpower. The ESP-244 is one company's testbed to produce the greatest battery, and gain complete world domination! But all is not as it seems.........

This animation was made as a tribute to our beloved Blender.

Cheers, Sam



  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Sam Speed ... is that his real name?

    • Postrock

      Cant be. This vid is the slowest thing i see in a while..

  • Radius

    Needs more text.

  • Zander Nicolic

    Before looking at the movie I said to myself: "OMG, 4'+ of a turntable?". I was pleasantly surprised, instead, by the entertainment and technical quality of the same movie. Really a good piece of work, and a fine show of Blender's maturity.

  • Ward7299

    while the actual model footage was decent (could've been sped up quite a bit), there was way too much text, and the intro was very lengthy. for a quick showoff of a new model, you don't really need to show all the text hubbub; just have a flyaround view with a description of some sort.

    • Talmore1

       I mostly agree. The timing on this was way to slow. The intro logo was the same length as the car assembly, way too long. The text did not bother me. Did I read it? hell no, but I enjoyed the design and feel.
      I loved the modeling and the textureing  and the motion. The only issue I had was the time. Speed it up, vary it up.
      It is still a great example of what blender can do when someone buts time energy and talent into a project.
      Way to use your tools!

  • Jmanning92

    Very very nice indeed. Would love to see it rocking about a race track.

    • Reaction

      The car model kit being assembled was very nice, but the video is far too long: lose the first 2 minutes and the last 1 minute and it will have much more impact. The 'octanerender' caption at the end is a bit of a slap in the face - I was expecting this all be Cycles work! 

  • Jorzi

    Very well done, although I have a design crit: You put the battery right between the two passengers. This is a major security risk should the battery catch on fire. I know you can make very stable and durable batteries, but for a racer it's always a question of security vs energy density.

  • Mehmet PINARCI

    Very beautiful work , I wish that center red line bit of to one side and in orange like red . I think it is a very beautiful model , and animation , I havent modeled a car before after watching this , I want to model one , Verymuch inspiring work :)

  • Alexandr

    Very interesting work. But I thought it's two demos glued in one.
    Personally I'm impressed with first minutes of intro, very good rigs of robo arms doing what they do. Second was 2d animation car parts with blue and red transforms into real 3d parts. It's nice director's catch.
    But for demo of the car itself, first intro a bit long, I'm agree with previous comments.
    But still it's good work! I'm just going to take this height :)

  • charles hetier

    Very nice. Modele seems very rigorous!
    I think that the animation would have benefit from a little more dynamism.
    Anyway, seeing this piece of work was very pleasant. Hope to see more from you!

  • Yury Bulka

    I like it very much, and the slowness is not a bad thing in my opinion. It gives the demo a good mood. Keep it that way!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    First... I was expecting a render of some ESP guitar's model :D I was surprised not seeing that here.
    Very-very slow intro (the studio). Overall slowness. Needs more dynamics. Actually the one part I really liked is the first intro but it's slow.
    The model is good... but looks like a child toy. On the other side the assembly looks pretty fair. I think that the "spoiler" is the body, aero-parts and head-lights. Proportions makes it "childish".
    Render is good but not "wow!". I've seen better things made with BI render (that was rendered on RenderWeb)... actually some other car. The lighting, the scene are weak parts.
    Music is great! Reminds some old intros of Amiga scene's artists.

  • James Waples

    Should've called it the Hammerhead Eagle I-Thrust, a la Top Gear.

  • jordi957

    Nice work and render, but you could have sped up the logo part a bit, and you did not really need to repeat the steering sequence twice.
    Nice work anyhow.

  • maximum-attack

    Hi all, thanks for the feedback.  This was my first animation project and I do appreciate all critique.  I've already started work on part 2 and it promises to have more action and include a few characters, a couple of new vehicles, and some surprises.  Thanks for taking the time to watch, Sam

    • Kirill Poltavets

      Hi, Sam!
      I had reminded where I saw cars looking almost like yours:
      This was the hit on Amiga 1200 (and other Amiga computers). And I still remember that funny intro :) I hope this will incurage you! I see you are trying your best. And for the first time it's great! Sorry if I was harsh at first time.
      Probably that video can give you good ideas for a script. BTW - one thing people didn't loved in that intro that it was SLOW :D But the script is funny and it does the half of work.

  • Guitar

    Very nice, wonderful even. :) 
    I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jwrl

    Loved the design throughout - very stylish.  All too often first-time animators concentrate on showing off some piece of technical animation wizardry and skip the design process.

    Yes, it needs pacing if you're going to use this as a concept sales pitch.  But for what it is I think that it's fine.By the way, have you thought of doing animated logo design?  Double speed your studio logo and you've got a winner!  I didn't mind the Blender and Octane treatments either.  Simple but effective.

  • Beauregard Heimer

    Near future? The USA has enough oil and coal here to last us another 200 years...
    I do see how batteries would be helpful though.

  • Blendidiot


  • Alex Kemmler

    Looked cool but was incredibly slow-paced, next time don't have so much blinking text and whatnot.  Your logo/intro at 1 minute was also about 52 seconds too long. 

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