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Course in Graphic Design and Advertising with Blender

Cartel-Tutoriales-IHMANA new on-line Spanish Blender course.

IHMAN writes:

IHMAN - Escuela Online is a school dedicated to teach and divulge Blender.

Our aim is help the Hispanic Blender Community with tutorials and courses in spanish.

The course lasts for 13 weeks, 10 weeks of classes and 3 weeks for a final project. The course is online, there are video conferencing and personal video tutorial to help students. It costs just 150 €. We facilitate free speaking tutorials for begginers.

We start this April 9.

Here you are a promotional video of our course:

If you wanna inscribe in this course you can do it through this link. You'll find more information here.

Greetings IHMAN.


  • Toot

    I'm not spanish, but I speak it and this promotional video really makes me want to register for the classes. It really looks professional. :)

    • Interfaces Hombre Maquina Avan

      Thanks Toot xD, we have worked a lot to have a Blender Course in HD with an easy flow of learning in the 2.6x. If you speak and understand Spanish I recommend you to visit our free course for beginners to have a complete idea of how we make video tutorials. :)

  • stanislav russian

    yes the video seems professional , and something new there is no too much tutorials for motion desing , in blender

    • Interfaces Hombre Maquina Avan

      Hi stanislav russian, that was what we pretended: a professional course for Graphic Designers and Advertisers. We are glad that you found it interesting.

  • Spproplus

    Oh Pretty pretty please, can you do this in English or French ?
    Oh, Pretty Pretty favor, ¿puedes hacer esto en Inglés o Francés? 

    • Interfaces Hombre Maquina Avan

      Hello Spproplus, sorry but we cannot do it for this edition because we start on April 9 but due to the massive petitions, we will have it for next editions in two languages: English and Spanish. ;)

  • Darkcgi

    why oh why do people publish electronic docs in only one two languages
    wtf with all the free translators out there why why why

  • Danas

    I wish there was a real institute that teach blender, by real I mean not virtual, that we can find many online, but actual place where the one can be. it is hard to focus online and home routines interrupt. A college of Open Graphics, now that would be magnificent! 

    • Interfaces Hombre Maquina Avan

      That is a really good idea. We thought about that and in the near future we want to offer it. Also, we have collaborations with the Malaga's University and we will see what can we do together.

  • CarrotNL

    I totaly agree

  • Spproplus

    That is good news!
    Thank you!

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