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Training Course: Interior 3D Architectural Visualization in Blender 2.6

CG Cookie has just announced their latest training course on interior visualization.

Jonathan Williamson writes:

In the duration of this course you will be taken through many aspects of the modeling process, including an introduction to BMesh, how to model things to real-world scale and how to make easy use of a model repository to populate your scene. You will learn how to quickly UV unwrap models for texturing, how to setup a material library of Cycles shaders and you will learn how to make complex shader node networks for realistic materials. Beyond that, you will also learn how to create good environment lighting to achieve a realistic sense of interior light, how to optimize your scene for faster rendering, how to make use of multiple scenes and render layers and composite them together, and you you will be taught how to perform advanced color adjustments and other post processing techniques on your image to produce a stunning final render.

Do be aware, this training course makes use the Blender 2.63 beta in order to use BMesh and other features that are currently in development. Very, very few things are subject to change in this series, but for a couple videos you will need the latest development version if you wish to follow along exactly.

The first four three videos of the series are available for free, but in order to access the remaining 21 episodes you'll have to subscribe and become a CG Cookie Citizen Member for $10/month.




  • Jay-Artist

    If only I could afford membership, sniff! :(

    • oofoor

       Just subscribe for a month and watch the episodes, then cancel.

      • Gottfried Hofmann

        Once your a CG Cookie Citizen, you're hooked! So many good courses to choose from, like David Wards BC Baker series...

      • onjoFilms

        You don't even need to cancel, just buy the one time monthly access - non-renewing and download the videos.  I'll probably keep renewing just because I feel guilty getting this great deal for only $10 and would like to see them keep going.  

    • Micah Denn

       I feel your pain :(

  • AnandhaRaja

    Not 4 Videos Only 3 Videos available for free.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Argh! I'll have to re-do kindergarten.

    • roofoo

       And the first is only a short introduction. So really only 2 videos of actual content are free.

      • IamInnocent

         Guys, you are not going to cry are you ? For that 10$ you get those tutorials and many, many more. You can download all that stuff then watch it later. Moreover J.W. and other Blender Cookieheads produce really great material.

  • MacroManJr

    Those results are nice!  I'll check it out.  And I'll subscribe pretty soon, too, so I'm looking forward to it.  :)

  • Nemesis

    This is serious and very useful.

    If this comes out as a DVD I will buy it.

    Actually i move back to Ireland in a couple of months and will be buying all Blender training DVDs then.

    Blender is definitely becoming a major player. There is no doubt about that now.

  • oliver

    I Wonder if bmesh will tempt me to model "unclean" topology.

    Right now, I'm always tryin to have only quads in my meshes.

    Or is it no problem, like: anything goes (?).

    Just tested the improved cut-tool… nice!

  • AxelAhren73

    I looked at the result image and I'm sorry to say that I think this training course will be very useful to beginners in Architecture Visualization, but not for professionals. Anyway I'm sure it is full of useful tips and tricks like all the training videos on cgcookie.

    • onjoFilms

      Tis' the job of the student to pass the teacher Young Grasshopper...

  • Mehmet PINARCI

    That is awesome .  I  am looking forward to become a citizen , got a get right outfit :)

  • Beno Hamid

    Nice I hope that helps me in buildingPlease ... Is there a boolean operations

    We also need to extrude external "in list of objects modifier"

  • Blender Magician

    This looks pretty good. unfortunately I haven't signed up for citizen cookie yet., There's still so many free tutorials that I need to catch up on.

  • DK

    I did an image like this years ago in Bryce:

    huge.9.47316.JPG 450×337 pixels

  • DK

    Here is the actual link:

    • Drxms

      You forget to blur the background amigo. 

    • DK

      Unfortunately, something has gone wrong with this post -- it is supposed to be a response in another thread. So, here, it is out of context. As for the blurring of the background (@Drxms), there was no way to achieve this 15 years ago.

  • Jay-Artist

    I agree, it doesn't sound a lot for the month ($10), that's only about £6.50 UK pounds - The only downside is that my data allowence per month is only 7GB, and I always run out before it's up - there's quite a few Citizen tuts I'd like to download too. Temping though ;)

    • mcbeth

       data allowance wow ???? I live on a tiny dot in the caribbean my country is consider backward and third-world and I have a 1 megabits connection(upgradable to god knows what) with no bandwidthdata restrictions for TT$ 149 a month to put that in perspective thats like the price of a three month citizen membership 25 u.s or 15 pounds. approx. ....................again wow

      • A.E.Nelson

        Hey. A fellow Trini blenderhead.. Cool. 

        • mcbeth

           yeah I've been on the blender bandwagon a while now ...........glad to know I'm not alone :D

  • Chris Alexander

    Being a Citizen is totally worth it.  BlenderCookie is well worth supporting.  Those guys do tremendous work.

  • claas

    considering the amount of time video production takes 10 $ per month is peanuts.

    I love to use my German currency in the US here.

    A six pack of real beer costs me alone already 9 $ so what ...I think their work is outstanding and worth the money!

  • Alvaro F. Celis

    Guys I can´t seem to renew or upgrade my citizen status on your site. I've tried with firefox, chrome, explorer and opera and whenever I click on the "upgrade to citizen" or "my account" buttons it simply loads the page momentarily and then goes back to the "home" page. Is there something wrong?

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