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Blender Sourcerers Competition

The Blender Sourcerers Competition is an AWESOME community intiative, aimed at creating videos that'll help starting Blender developers.

Crumpet writes:

Compete with your skills by making a video about your recipes to help get others starting into the magical wonderland of the Blender Source Development. And help others to start cooking up their own recipes. Or let more experienced magicians see how it is done the proper way!

Why is the Blender Sourcerers Contest?
The Blender Sourcerers Contest helps to stimulate the development of the Blender source, by spreading knowledge. The resulting video' s will help to address difficulties for the Blender Sourcerers apprentices, (also known as noobs, newbies or rookies). But also will this take off the load of the existing Blender Sourcerers, those who' s magic time is too precious to steal. At the same time, developers can learn from each other and gain from new fresh blood which might be that missing ingredient for their potion. Learn, help to learn and learn some more is the thought behind this competition. With the overall winner, the Blender community.

For who is the Blender Sourcerers Contest?
The Blender Sourcerers Contest is a contest for experienced developers of the Blender Source, the Sourcerers in this competition. But also for those apprentices just diving into the Blender potion making, trying to cook up their first recipes. By sharing the experiences so far, others can more easily catch up to speed. And start stirring around in your kettle, take a little sip to find out what is missing. So open up your kitchens and let's see what' s brewing.

How to participate?
You can compete by posting your video in the [VIDEOS] Blender Sourcerers Videos thread. No explanation, no discussion, just implement your video. And stick to the rules described below. Only submit your own video's.

The end of the competition is: End of April 2012. Read the full details over at Blender Artists.

To get some inspiration, check out this video by Campbell Barton:


  • Brian Lockett


  • Paulo Bardes

    I loved the idea! I always wanted to help improve Blender, but even with some (little) experience in C/C++ and Python I was still too scared to try digging the blender source code... A series of videos to introduce new developers to the Blender API is a very promising idea.  

  • BlenderEi

    Damn, I also had this idea. Therefore: Awesome!!!

  • Johnny D. Wi Cked

    what sourcery is this? lol

  • Kirill Poltavets

    wannabe, wannabe, wanna be a little bee :D))
    Crap, I have to do my job and have no time to split to two or more men to learn everything ))

  • jeo

    That's the way!!

  • Tobias

    I would love to see a full "introduction to blender coding"-dvd or video series! It does not need to be very in depth, but cover the fundamentals and the code structure.

    • Paulo Bardes

       Agree, it would be awesome to have a DVD about the Blender API from the Blender e-store.

      • jam

         I think... it could be free

        • Tobias

          If BF would fund it, it would probably be licensed as creative common as the other dvds. Maybe the development fund could sponsor a developer to record 2-3 hours of video?

          • Nick Rishel

            Preferably in 10 minute chunks.

  • Guest

    This video is a seriously good idea. I think there are many of us that have enough ability to help out with smaller tasks, but maybe we also need a bit of guidance and encouragement to dive in. Thanks Campbell!

    • Jason

      Yes Video Training on Blender Coding, would be great.  Free Videos, or E-store, or Both. Whatever can be done is appreciated. :-)

  • Matt

    awesome idea! can't wait to see the outcome

  • LswaN

    Cool, I'll have to watch this sometime soon... The contest is a great idea, hopefully we get a lot of new tutorials to learn from!

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