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Reel: Sixthlaw 3D Visualisation

By Sixthlaw.

Sixthlaw writes:

So I have finished the promotional video for my business Sixthlaw 3D Visualisation All modelling was done in blender, rendering in octane, and some final post-pro in After Effects. Enjoy!



  • Karlis Stigis

    Very good. 

  • Aniruddha Hardikar

    Very impressive reel! I particularly like the post-processing Matthew has done, it's clean and smart. It's an often overlooked process, and sometime it can make or break a visualization project. It instantly decides if a visualization is believable or not. Many great models/renders are ruined by bad post-processing. This is a great example of how it should be done.

  • Aasm271

    hats off to you sir. its amazing

  • Mookie80

    Nice and clean, looks and sounds proffessional. Good work.

  • Alain

    Why you use Octane if you have Cycles inside ? Maybe because Octane renders faster an better ? ;-)

  • demcode

    stupid video in beginning, winter -- trees not have leaves, winter -- on the balcony can not be put tropical plants in pots

    • Lzymxn

      I've lived in Montana, Colorado, and Idaho, I've seen plenty of trees full of leaves in winter, the plants is just nitpicking, the renders look great, maybe you can do better and leave us a post on the blender forums?

    • Karl.S (Jalik)

       Some trees does have leaves, some doesn't, inform yourself before saying stupid things.

  • Guest

    Fantastic work.

    I have to say though, it needs ore lens flare ;)

    • Jonathan Merritt

      Yes; the lens-flares across the 3D text are pushing it, but then having the same flare across the house seems a little extreme.  Really great work though! :-)

  • harleynut97

    As others have mentioned this really came out nice, and very professional ...well done!

  • Sixthlaw

    Thanks for your comments guys! :) Appreciate it! :)

    • Alejandro Abarca R

      Congratulations for that amazing work. Keep it up! (Make some tutorials)

  • 8-bit

    Really nice work Matthew! as Aniruddha stated, the post-processing looks great to me. Very well done transitions also. I also thought you did an excellent job on composing this simple, but effective score. 
    Checked out your website briefly - I really digged the clean professional look. Hope you get all the business you can handle!

    • 8-bit

      One last thought...have you thought about getting a voice-over for this? If so, and if you're looking, I can recommend a male's voice who is excellent, yet reasonably priced in the USA. I'll be using his V.O. in the very near future. regardless, nice work!

  • Sixthlaw

    Thanks for the encouragement 8-bit! :) I'm glad you like the work:) 

    In regards to voice-acting, I currently have not such plans but I will keep it in mind! :)

  • Socceroos

    Very well done, Matt. I've still got your very first renders with Blender on my computer. To say that you've come a long way is a huge understatement. Keep it up and keep the bar high - you're doing really well. :D

    • Sixthlaw

      Thanks Socceroos, means alot! :)

  • seraph


  • Zander Nicolic

    Very well done, and skip over the nasty comments about plants.
    I see that music is by yourself. Rythm fits well with the flow of cuts, but the sound is a bit intrusive (volume? too regular downbeats?). This apart I enjoyed the reel.

  • onjoFilms

    That's nice.  Getting closer to Vray everyday.  

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